Top 10 Biscuit Brands In India In 2023


The projected value of the Indian biscuit market is INR 52,771 crores. Biscuits are made by various businesses and conglomerate groups to suit Indian palates. Indians are obsessed with biscuits, whether it's for tea time, as a coffee companion, or for mid-meal cravings. Great options, however, also bring great confusion. The best biscuit company for your family can be difficult to choose with so many brands available in India. This rapidly evolving product must be universally appealing to children, adults, and the elderly while maintaining a high standard of taste and affordability. Here is the list of top 10 biscuit brands in India in 2023.
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  1. Britannia

Britannia Industries is a well-known biscuit manufacturer in India. It was founded in 1892. It is one of India's largest food-related brands and produces some excellent biscuits. Tiger biscuit brand is the most famous and well-liked biscuit among Indian children. Britannia biscuits are the best-selling biscuit brands of the century, accounting for more than 90% of the group's sales. Marie Gold, Jim Jam, Bourbon, Nice Time, Little Hearts, Pure Magic, Milk Bikis, Nutri Choice, Good Day, Crackers, and other brands are available.

  1. Parle

Many Indians remember Parle-G from their infancy. Parle Products Private Limited owns India's largest and most popular biscuit brand. Since its inception in 1929, the company has maintained high-quality standards. All Parle biscuits contain the goodness of wheat and milk, which is essential for growing children. Apart from Parle-G, other well-known Parle cookies include Krack Jack, Monaco, Nutri Crunch, Hide and Seek, and others. It has been in Indian markets for decades and is synonymous with the word "biscuit" in the country. If someone ever talks about the best biscuits in India, parle G must be on the list. 

  1. Sunfeast

With the launch of the Sunfeast line in 2003, the well-known ITC joined the biscuit market. The most widely used Sunfeast biscuit brands are Marie, Glucose, and Crème. The company's inventive taste and ingredient combinations never cease to astound. In India, Sunfeast Biscuits is ranked among the top three biscuit brands. Celebrity chef Alia Bhatt represents the brand for their line of Dark Fantasy chocolate biscuits.

  1. Priya Gold

One of the greatest biscuit brands in India is Priya Gold. It is the product of the 1992-founded Surya Food Agro. It provides a variety of biscuits, including Marie lite, club crème, digestive, butter delite, cheese crackers, and Snakker chocolate sandwiches. Priya Gold biscuits are renowned for their reliable taste and quality, and they are sold in over 20 countries worldwide. The business sells traditional biscuits in a variety of sweet and savory flavors.

  1. Cremica

Established in 1978, Cremica Food Industries Private Limited is the brand name for its biscuits. The company is well-known for its oatmeal cookies, digestive biscuits, digestive cornflakes biscuits, and Marie Classic. The company makes its biscuits in cutting-edge facilities located all throughout India using quality ingredients. In India, tea and coffee are not complete without Cremica biscuits.

  1. Cadbury

Since Cadbury is a well-known name on the list of the top chocolate companies in India, we are all familiar with it. And kids these days are obsessed with Cadbury Oreo cookies. Sandwich biscuits with chocolate cookies and a sweet crème filling are called Oreo biscuits. Because of its great quality and flavor, Cadbury Oreo biscuits are popular among adults and children. The firm sells several varieties of Oreo cookies in India, including sandwiches, lunchboxes, and lemon varieties. It is made by the reputable Cadbury brand, which is known for its delicious and high-quality sweets. From the store nearby, you can select a single pack or several packs based on your needs.

  1. McVitie’s

People who enjoy digestive biscuits should definitely try McVitie's biscuits. Wholesome fiber gives these biscuits their easy-to-digest texture and nutritional value. The company sells a variety of biscuit varieties in festival, super-saver, and single-pack formats. Since its 2010 launch into the Indian market, McVitie's biscuits have become one of the country's most well-known brands. Since its creation in 1892, the well-known McVitie biscuit has been enjoyed on every continent. They are available for purchase at any nearby shop or supermarket.

  1. Unibic

In 2004, Unibic was introduced. This premium biscuit range ruler comes in all of your favorite flavors, including milk, butter, savory, and health. Each of these flavors features several types of biscuits to give a single flavor additional variations. The superior flavor content of Unibic cookies is attributed to their superior taste and flavor compared to other biscuit manufacturers. There is 21% chocolate in their choco-chip range and over 9.4% milk in their milk biscuit range.

  1. Haldiram

Regarding food manufacturing, Haldiram has been at the top for the past eight decades. The family that owns it promises to provide high-quality goods for all age groups. It was established in 1937 in Bikaner by Mr. Shivkisan Agrawal. The company's various Indian facilities are used to manufacture Haldiram biscuits. The company sells biscuits in festival packs, family packs, and single-pack sizes. They also own a number of chains of restaurants. Haldiram's biscuits are available for purchase online or at their brick-and-mortar locations. Additionally, Halidram sells a wide selection of biscuits, including some delectable cookies, starting at INR 55.

  1. Pillsbury

General Mills purchased the Minnesota-based company Pillsbury in 2001. Kids pay particular attention to their well-known brand ambassador, the Pillsbury Doughboy. The largest grain mill in the world was formerly asserted to belong to Pillsbury. In 1996, it made its debut in India. There are several varieties of Pillsbury biscuits available, including sweet biscuits with frosting, over 13 options for chilled biscuits, and over eight options for frozen biscuits.




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