Top 10 Indian Restaurants In The USA:

Top 10 Indian Restaurants In The USA
In the USA, Indian cuisine has gained its popularity, with its lavish spices flavors such as curry, ginger and cardamom inviting foodies to many Indian restaurants throughout the country. For the Indian food lovers, different dishes like samosas or pakoras which are considered as traditional ones continue to be served in almost all towns all over America. It can be challenging to determine which restaurants stand out best.
A list of the best Indian restaurants in the USA has been compiled, one for each state, to make it easier for someone who may not know where exactly they should go dine. The top Indian eateries that appear on this list include what makes them special as well as what they are known for in terms of their food while also giving directions on how one can get there. Every place mentioned here is either popular or revered with some being public secrets thereby making this article an all-round information regarding good places where one can have an Indian meal while in America.
Top 10 Indian Restaurants In The USA
1.The Bombay Club
Location: 815 Connecticut Ave. NW
Contact: 202-659-3727
Bombay Club, a posh Indian restaurant for power lunches among businessmen and politicians Mint offers a large number of menu items, all characteristic dishes from different parts of India such as the Bengali fish curry; nalli gosht with mutton shanks in brown gravy; shrimp moilee and chicken asparagus rizzala. There are also starters: Mulligatawny soup, crab koru roti, fish in banana leaf and duck shikampuri kebab. On silver platters it is possible to enjoy any of the Thalis with classic dishes, like grilled chicken or lamb club thali, fish or spicy palak. There are plenty of options even for vegetarians.
Most popular dish: Lobster Lababdar
Location: 853 East Grant Rd, Tucson
Contact: 520-624-9393
Sher-E-Punjab, an Indian restaurant founded in 1998, specializes in traditional Punjabi cuisine from North India in the United States Southwest. They focus on the use of top quality products from local farmers’ markets to create real meals like egg bhurji, mushroom chili, gulab jamun and paneer paratha among others. To accommodate for diversity in taste, the menu offers different levels of spiciness.
Most popular dish: Bombay Bhaji
3.Spice Room Neighborhood Indian Bistro
Location: 3157 W 38th Ave. Denver
Contact: 303-455-3127
With skilled team of both Nepali and Indian chefs Spice Room offers up eclectic menu that combines the best of both influences. Truly singular dishes, like Shahi or royal, paneer a delectable cheese curry. Homemade family recipes inspire many dishes. All prepared with freshest ingredients. Spices are sourced directly. To help sate your appetite, the establishment encourages sharing of plates. All meals tailored to each diner’s individual spice tolerance.
Most popular dish: Cheese and jalapeño bread
Location: 243 K Street, NE
Contact: 202-544-4777
More than just Indian restaurant Indigo aims to be gathering spot for family and friends. It's therefore lacking in all pretensions. With home-cooked food and generous portions. The recipes prepared here inside this unassuming yellow house have been passed down through generations. Of the Tandon family. That owns the establishment. You can create your own meal here. From variety of classic Indian dishes and sides. Other dishes come paired with rice. And Chana Masala. Or chickpeas topped with cilantro and raw spinach. Indigo is the closest you can get to visiting the home of friend in D.C. who prepares you homemade Indian meal.
Most popular dish: Indigo Signature Indirolls 
Location: 99 Hudson St, New York
Contact: 212-775-9000
This Tribeca hotspot claims to be "finest Indian restaurant in NYC." It may well be the case. Grandiose interior. Indian dishes meticulously prepared with contemporary touch. Hard not to feel like Indian royalty here. Guests can even watch food prepared in display kitchen. Tamarind’s team of chefs and waitstaff represent broad culinary. Cultural diversity of India’s ethnic regions. All of which comes through in food.
Most popular dish: Lobster Masala
6.Awadh India Restaurant
Location: 2584 Bethel Rd, Columbus
Contact: 614-914-8884
At Awadh India Restaurant you’ll find combination of traditional and innovative delights. The chef blends authentic ancient subcontinental flavors. Traditions with cutting edge innovation. The environment is similarly juxtaposed. It offers sophistication and casual comfort.
Most popular dish: Rarha style chicken, lamb or goat
7.Taj Indian Restaurant
Location: 3943 Nolensville Pike, Nashville
Contact: 615-750-3490
Taj Indian Restaurant does what every good restaurant in music city does. It infuses it with bit of southern charm. If you’ve never tried Indian food cooked southern style. Southern food cooked Indian style. You haven’t explored either cuisine to fullest. That’s what’s made Taj favorite hangout. Locals. Tourists alike. It’s particularly renowned for its seafood dishes. This is evidenced by most popular dish below.
Most popular dish: Fish vindaloo
Location: 1414 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago 
Contact: 773-342-1414
Located in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood this nouveau establishment is creation of Sanjeev and Rajesh Karmacharya. They are two brothers from Nepal. They aim to bring premiere Indian and Nepalese cuisine to the city.The menu boasts wide selection of dishes. Each one is designed to offer authentic flavors. From the fiery vindaloos to the delicate momos. Patrons are transported. Each dish is prepared with traditional techniques using freshest ingredients. Vegetarian and vegan options abound. This caters to diverse palates.
Most popular dish: Namche Bazar Ko Sekuwa
Location: 1671 Oak Tree Road, Edison
Contact: 732-516-0020
If you like spicy Indian food get yourself to Karaikudi for some of hottest Indian dishes you’ve ever eaten. With menu featuring fiery delicacies of southern India’s Chettinad region, the focus is more on meat dishes than vegetarian dishes. Though you can find all three here. The restaurant is set in one of towns with largest population of Indians. They enjoy frequenting the local favorite for its fish curry. And nandu masala.
Most popular dish: Pepper chicken
10.Himalayan Bistro
Location: 1735 Centre St, West Roxbury
Contact: 617-325-3500
Delivering both Indian and Nepali cuisine at affordable prices. Boston’s Himalayan Bistro is popular local lunch spot. It offers variety of appetizers (hot and cold) salads rice specialties, tandoori breads and more. There are prefixed Special House of Dinner meals. Options include vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They are suitable for one or two diners. Himalayan Bistro is also popular source for local Indian food delivery.
Most popular dish: Goa shrimp curry



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