Top 10 Poorest States In India In 2023

Examining the Poorest States in India: A Multidimensional Analysis
10 Poorest States



India, a diverse nation with a mix of prosperous and underprivileged regions, faces the challenge of poverty eradication. This article sheds light on the ten poorest states in India, based on the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) published by NITI Aayog. The MPI takes into account various dimensions of poverty, including health, education, and standard of living, providing a comprehensive understanding of the impoverished conditions prevalent in these states.

Top 10 Poorest State In India 2023 - Top Hindi Jankari

Bihar: The Fifth Poorest State

With approximately 33.74% of its population living below the poverty line, Bihar ranks as the fifth poorest state in India. The high poverty levels in Bihar can be attributed to factors such as institutional and technical deficiencies, illiteracy, and structural challenges in the agricultural sector. The poverty rates within Bihar vary across districts, with Kishanganj recording the highest poverty rate of 64.75% and Patna the lowest at 29.20%.

Chhattisgarh: Struggling with Poverty

Chhattisgarh, another impoverished state, witnesses around one-third of its population living below the poverty line. The poverty level in Chhattisgarh stands at 39.93%, highlighting the pressing need for development interventions. Although the state contributes only 15% of the total steel production in India, it grapples with significant poverty due to limited economic opportunities.

Jharkhand: Second Poorest State

Jharkhand, previously a part of Bihar until 2000, ranks as the second poorest state in India. The poverty level in Jharkhand is around 42.16%, surpassing the national average. The state's social indicators, including literacy, enrollment rates, infant mortality, and child nutrition, lag behind the rest of the country. Addressing these issues is crucial for uplifting the state from its impoverished condition.

Manipur: Battling Economic Backwardness

Manipur, the third poorest state, exhibits a poverty rate of approximately 36.89%. The state's economic backwardness stems from challenges such as inadequate infrastructure, including electricity, transportation, and communication networks. These factors contribute to the state's struggle for economic development, resulting in high poverty rates.

Arunachal Pradesh: Fourth Poorest State

Arunachal Pradesh, the largest state among the northeastern states, ranks as the fourth poorest state in India. Approximately 34.67% of its population lives below the poverty line. The state's remote location and limited access to major production centers hinder economic progress and contribute to its high poverty levels.

Odisha: Poverty and Educational Backwardness

Odisha, with a poverty rate of 29.04%, faces challenges related to educational backwardness and inadequate female literacy rates. Half of the state's population is educationally disadvantaged, and the lack of educational opportunities hampers overall development. Efforts to improve access to education and enhance female literacy are crucial for reducing poverty in Odisha.

Assam: Limited Economic Progress

Approximately 32.07% of Assam's population lives below the poverty line. The state's location, distant from major production centers, acts as a barrier to economic progress. Additionally, climatic conditions in Assam also affect the state's development prospects. Addressing these challenges is essential for uplifting the state and improving the living standards of its population.

Madhya Pradesh: The Tribal State

Madhya Pradesh, often referred to as the tribal state of India, exhibits a poverty rate of approximately 36.07%. The state is home to the largest number of Scheduled Tribes in the country. Forest-dependent rural communities, particularly tribal populations, heavily rely on forest resources for subsistence, income, and employment. Measures to diversify livelihood options, promote sustainable development, and provide better access to basic amenities are essential for poverty alleviation in Madhya Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh: A State of Poverty and Malnourishment

Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India, also ranks among the poorest states. With a poverty rate of 37.08%, the state faces persistent challenges related to poverty, disease, and high child malnourishment rates. Early marriages, particularly among girls, contribute to these issues. Addressing poverty and improving nutritional outcomes are crucial for the overall development of the state.

Karnataka: Disparities Within Urbanization

Karnataka, despite being a state with rapid urbanization, records a poverty rate of 13.2%. While urban areas like Bangalore have experienced significant development, disparities exist in other regions, such as North Karnataka. Tackling urban-rural disparities, improving infrastructure, and promoting inclusive growth are key strategies for reducing poverty and ensuring balanced development in Karnataka.


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The ten poorest states in India, as identified by the Multidimensional Poverty Index, face diverse challenges related to poverty, education, healthcare, and infrastructure. Addressing these challenges requires a multi-faceted approach involving investments in education, healthcare, skill development, and infrastructure development. Empowering communities, promoting inclusive growth, and implementing targeted poverty alleviation programs can contribute to the overall development and upliftment of these states, creating a more equitable and prosperous India.




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