Top 10 Startups In Dubai In 2024

Here's The List Of Top 10 Startups In Dubai In 2024
Here's The List Of Top 10 Startups In Dubai In 2024

Dubai is known worldwide for its breathtaking tourist attractions, opulent lifestyle, and famous skyline. Its thriving startup scene is something that many people would not immediately think of, though. With numerous businesses launching every day, Dubai has developed into a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in recent years.

Even with this flood of new businesses, the truth is that many of them struggle to find customers and eventually fold. The inability to take lessons from the triumphs of those who have prospered in Dubai's cutthroat market is a major contributing factor to this high failure rate. In addition to seizing the city's special opportunities, prosperous entrepreneurs in Dubai have mastered overcoming its particular obstacles.

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The support system in Dubai's startup scene is one noteworthy feature. Incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces abound in the city, offering aspiring business owners the tools and guidance they require. The government has also put in place measures and supportive policies to promote innovation and draw in talent from abroad.

Here's The List Of Top 10 Startups In Dubai In 2024

1. Bayzat

Android Apps by Bayzat on Google Play
Started in 2011, Bayzat is an HR and insurance firm. The new business operates in the employee benefits, insurance, and human resources sectors. The firm has raised money from ten eminent investors during five seeding rounds. In the end, they raised almost $28 million.
In addition to insurance and HR solutions, Bayzat provides payroll software. More than a thousand businesses rely on Bayzat. Not just the human resources department, but also the entire organization is assisted by this HRMS provider. This organization employs between 101 and 250 people. Every member actively participates in the management of the business.

2.  Fenix Games
A ground-breaking idea is introduced to the Dubai Web 3.0 gaming market by Fenix Games. The business is focused on creating video games, but with a unique twist. Wall Street veterans and gaming developers make up Fenix Games. The startup wants to rethink the dynamic between the players. They intend to use digital currencies to turn investors into ganers.

Fenix Games aims to elevate our gaming experience by utilizing Blockchain technology. Fenix Games intends to take use of DAOs, liquidity, and interoperability on any blockchain. They have experts on their team that have worked for major firms like Activision and EA Gaming. Since its founding in 2022, this firm has raised $150 million in funding.


3. Flare The 
Flare Network is a UAE firm that has invested in the blockchain industry and was founded in 2019. The business has developed an EVM Layer 1 blockchain, which is an inventive modification. This technology makes it possible to create Blockchain apps with data from other chains and the internet.

The goal of Flare Network is to increase the Blockchain's usefulness. Some of its offerings are as follows:
Web2 Connectivity Bridging Decentralized Data Feeds State Acquisition Scalable Smart Contracts In addition, developers that make innovative uses of the Flare Network are eligible for funding. The company has raised $11.3 million in its most recent seed round, which took place in 2021.

4. Huspy
A UAE startup called Huspy is involved in the real estate market in the area.The Fintech business enables customers to obtain lower-cost loans to purchase the homes of their dreams. Huspy helps consumers climb Dubai's real estate ladder and make smarter house purchases. People can buy, sell, and rent properties using the app.
Many investors were impressed with Huspy's concept, which provides hassle-free mortgages to homeowners. The business has participated in multiple seeding rounds; at the most recent one, they received almost $37 million. The Fintech solution is operated by between 101 and 250 workers. Huspy allows users to identify and purchase their ideal homes in one convenient location.


In 2021, Nümi and his cohort were introduced to the UAE stage. The startup operates in the entertainment ecosystem of Dubai. Nümi creates an online gaming site for user-generated content. Nümi allows players to share experiences and stream content in the metaverse. The goal is for players to have a site to dive into.

Nümi has over 100 employees who are actively working to create a platform that redefines gaming. The startup raised $20 million starting in 2021. The seed round took place in January 2023 and was attended by many investors. 6. Qashio
Qashio is one of the many startups launching in 2021. The startup provides financial solutions to people in the Middle East. Qashio offers its customers physical and virtual business cards. These cards allow consumers to track their spending through income management solutions.

Since its launch in 2021, Qashio has won the trust of Instashop, Kitop, Saif Belhas and many others. The fintech company allows users to save money through spending limits and other features. The company went through several rounds of seeding. Qashio raised $12 million, and the most recent seed round raised $10 million in November 2022.

7. Tarabut Gateway
Tarabut Gateway is another fintech startup that stormed the landscape in 2018. The startup started with the goal of redefining financial services through open banking. Open banking allows customers and banks to easily communicate and exchange information. Tarabut Gateway provides businesses with easier access to open banking APIs.

Using Tarabut Gateway allows access to millions of financial accounts. The company supports instant payments between accounts and provides data insights. In addition, they have bank-level security, unparalleled coverage and trust. Many organizations ask Tarabut about their banking solutions. This feat has led the startup to raise $58 million since launch.

8. Tabby
Tabby was born into the business life of the UAE in 2019 and is based in Dubai. Tabby is a fintech solutions company that offers its users more time to pay for the things they want. These services include interest-free monthly payments for online or in-store purchases. Tabby is also about more than interest-free payments. Users can also sell on Tabby and elsewhere.

The initiative of the fintech company has won the hearts of many investors. Tabby has gone through several rounds of breeding. Its last round brought an attractive amount of $58 million. That seed round raised the company's value to about $660 million. In just four years, the company has redefined shopping in the Fintech market in Dubai.

9. YallaMarket
YallaMarket is an e-commerce company founded in 2021 and located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The business model is to get groceries easily and quickly. Like the big names, the online platform allows users to place orders and get what they need in 15 minutes.

YallaMarket has a catalog that contains many food items (perishable items). Customers can fill their carts and wait for food and hygiene products. The company's website design makes navigation easy and enhances the shopping experience. YallaMarket has between 11 and 50 employees working in various positions. They received $2.2 million in the last ranking rounds.

10. Zenda
Zenda is a fintech app launched in 2021. The startup aims to simplify the school payment process for families in Dubai. The online platform offers parents the option to pay immediately or later. They focus on simplifying the payment process. Zenda also offers solutions to help parents manage money and ensure financial well-being.

Zenda's banking operations are completely built from the ground up and supported by approximately 50 employees. The official name is Nexopay Technologies Pvt Ltd. The company has raised $9.6 million since launch.




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