Top 10 Ways To Cheat In An Exam

Technological Tactics: Exploiting Gadgets for an Unfair Advantage
 Cheat In An Exam

1. The classic cheat sheet method is one way to cheat on a test

Through time, one of the most ancient and prevalent methods of cheating during exams is well-known among students. However, there are crucial aspects to consider in order to employ this approach wisely.

Select a smaller-sized paper instead of a larger one, similar to the example depicted in the image. Transcribe the necessary information using a legible font size that strikes a balance between being overly large and excessively small. Dispose of the paper promptly once the examination concludes. Exercise caution to avoid appearing overly suspicious. Nevertheless, it's important to recognize that this method carries a substantial risk of being detected. Thus, if you choose to proceed, do so at your own peril.

2. The water bottle trick is another way to cheat on a test

An additional approach for cheating during exams involves a rather clever technique. Simply copy the required information onto a piece of paper and affix it to the label of a bottle. It's a straightforward process. The likelihood of getting caught is relatively low. To ensure success, consider matching the font on the label to avoid suspicion.

3. This exam’s so tough method

Well, consider this option if your sense of pride isn't too strong. After all, pride doesn't hold much relevance in this situation. The decision to cheat itself signifies a compromise of pride. In this scenario, you must metaphorically bang your head on the desk out of sheer desperation, resorting to peeking at your friend's paper.

4. Write on your leg 

Opt for trousers with a relaxed fit, the kind you can easily adjust. Then, jot down formulas and crucial information on your leg. When seated with crossed legs, discreetly pull up the fabric and engage in some covert cheating. Undoubtedly, this method ranks among the top approaches for illicitly obtaining answers during an exam.

5. Pen Scanners

Pen scanners capture an image of the question paper, which is then transmitted via a linked mobile phone to an accomplice located outside. The person engaging in cheating wears a discreet earpiece connected to the mobile phone. The associate places a call to the cheater's phone, set on auto-answer mode, and proceeds to verbally provide the answers. If one is willing to undertake such elaborate measures, it might be just as effective to invest that effort into studying instead.

6. Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculator

By James Hoenstine/ Shutterstock This technique proves particularly advantageous when dealing with Science and Math examinations. Graphing calculators come to the aid here, offering the capability to retain essential data.

Initiate the process by pressing the "Program" button, followed by selecting "New" and confirming with the "Enter" key.

Proceed to assign a name to the newly created program.

Enter your requisite formulas within the program.

For accessing your saved notes, navigate to the "Edit" section and select the appropriate entry.

It's worth noting that prior to the exam, there's a possibility that the teacher might clear your calculator's memory. To preempt this, press the "2nd" key and then the memory button (usually denoted by the "+" symbol). Subsequently, access the "All" option. Once you locate your notes, hit "Enter," and an asterisk will appear, signifying its protection. After the teacher performs a memory wipe, revisit the menu, and you'll find your notes securely intact. (You're welcome).

7. Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical pencil

By Auttapon Jantham/ Shutterstock For this method, you'll require a mechanical pencil that isn't transparent and has a substantial lead diameter. Begin by detaching the eraser, then roll up your cheat sheet and insert it into the pencil's barrel. During the exam, when a lead piece is exhausted, simply mimic the act of replenishing it and use the opportunity to refer to your concealed cheat sheet.

8. MP3 Pen (SMH)

Imagine possessing a pen that possesses the ability to play audio files. What further requirement could you have? Merge your MP3 pen with a Spy Head Set, enabling the playback of your audio files. Additionally, the pen's appearance closely resembles that of an actual writing instrument.

9. Smart Watches

Smart watch. cheat on a test

By koya979/ Shutterstock Possibly one of the most direct techniques and among the top strategies for exam cheating, this approach entails a few uncomplicated steps. Commence by capturing images of your study notes on your mobile phone, subsequently synchronizing these images with your smartwatch. This synchronization ensures that all your visual materials are readily accessible on your smartwatch as well.

Interestingly, you need not even be concerned about bringing your phone into the classroom. Instead, establish a Bluetooth connection between the phone and your smartwatch and leave the phone securely stored in your bag outside the examination room. Then, during the test, you can conveniently access your notes from the smartwatch's gallery, thereby facilitating your cheating endeavor.

10. The “Always Works” method

If you're still pondering over ways to cheat on a test, this technique is an ideal solution. It's a consistently effective method, and the likelihood of detection is virtually non-existent. The process itself is quite straightforward: select the textbook that has been designated by your instructor and pick out a single pen. Open the textbook to the section you need to familiarize yourself with for the exam, and engage in your studies. It's truly that simple! So, there you have it, folks. Wishing you the best of luck for your exams; with this approach, success and a good grade are well within your reach.




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