Travel Is Changing: Here’s Why You Need An International Travel Insurance

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An overseas trip, whether for business purpose or a vacation, brings a unique experience for every traveller. A lot goes into planning an international trip, applying for a visa being one aspect. Another essential part of an overseas trip is to get an international travel insurance plan. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been restrictions on international travel in many countries. Moreover, passengers are required to take precautionary measures. All this proves that travelling is certainly not what it was before. Besides, amidst hopes of having a comfortable trip, the uncertainties of travel have always made every traveller anxious. An international travel plan is a financial safety net one gets given the uncertainties.


In this article, we tell you why you need an overseas travel insurance plan for your next foreign trip.


Cover for Emergency Medical Expenses

Imagine what happens when one faces a medical emergency on an overseas trip. Undoubtedly, it would be stressful and can ruin the trip budget, considering the enormous expenses involved. Also, healthcare in many countries is very expensive. Having an overseas travel medical insurance policy provides coverage for emergency hospitalisation, in-patient and out-patient care, daily allowance, personal accident, emergency dental expenses, medical evacuation, permanent disability and even repatriation of mortal remains in case of unfortunate death. Thus, it proves to be a vital financial back-up during medical emergencies.

Cover for Non-Medical Expenditures

 Loss of personal belongings on a trip is something none of us would want to see even in a dream! The stress and inconvenience it causes can spoil the trip experience. Thus, many insurers also cover non-medical expenses in their international travel insurance plans, including cancellations, delays or interruption of the trip, missed flight, loss or delay of checked-in baggage, and loss of passport. Additionally, these plans provide personal liability cover.

Hassle-free Claim Settlement

It is possible to get a claim on your overseas travel insurance plan without the slightest hassle. While one can apply for reimbursement claim, overseas travel plans nowadays also provide cashless claim facility. The insured persons are eligible to get cashless treatment, and the expenses will be settled by the insurer, subject to the policy terms and conditions. Thus, when selecting a travel cover, one should learn about the insurer’s track record and find out the claim settlement ratio. A high claim settlement ratio is a good indication that you will easily get a claim.

Final Words

 Unforeseen medical expenses can steal away our peace of mind when we are far away from our home in a foreign country. Thus, travel medical insurance is a saviour. Moreover, in many countries, such as the Schengen Countries, it is mandatory to get an international travel insurance policy for those applying for a visa. If you are a student looking to pursue education overseas, you can also opt for a customised student travel insurance plan.

Further, destination-specific overseas travel medical insurance plans are available, designed to offer adequate coverage for various emergency expenses incurred during a trip. Overall, it is a safe investment that will give you financial support to sail through any unpleasant situation on a journey abroad.








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