Best Outdoor Activities to Do in Dubai in 2022


Due to the severe weather in Dubai, both visitors and residents prefer to spend most of their time indoors, but Dubai also provides a variety of outdoor activities that are fascinating. The top outdoor activities in Dubai are listed below for you to enjoy while there.

Desert Safari

Forget about rainforest safaris; go on a desert safari instead! Beginning with a pickup from your hotel, the safari begins. You are transported in enormous 4X4 SUVs, which later serve as your passes for sand boarding. You are seated in the vehicles as they speed past the enormous sand dunes. You can use an ATV or a sandboard to descend the enormous dunes to further improve your adventure-seeking experience. In order to get the most out of your desert safari Dubai, you may also add extra activities like a BBQ supper, camel riding, sunset photography, and overnight stays.

Dubai Frame Visit

The 493-foot-tall Dubai Frame offers visitors a bird's-eye view over the enormous city of Dubai. The design was chosen in a competition held by the Dubai government in 2009 from among more than 900 submissions, and it debuted in January 2018. The largest frame in the world, this Dubai icon frames the history on one side and the current on the other. Do not miss it! Hear the city's history how it developed from a modest fishing village to a cutting-edge metropolis. By climbing to the Sky Deck level with your Dubai Frame tickets, you will have the opportunity to observe the differences between Old Dubai to the north and New Dubai to the south. Take in the view of the souks, hotels, palaces, and sizable shopping centres.

Water Parks

There are a few locations in Dubai where you may feel cool despite the intense heat. These are the well-known water parks in Dubai. Amazing water parks are located in Dubai and are quite well-liked there. These amusement parks are the best in the world because they offer the most exhilarating slides, experiences, rides, and aquariums. Laguna Water Park,  Wild Wadi Water Park, Aquaventure Water Park, Legoland Water, and AquaFun Water Park are a few water parks in Dubai that are worth visiting. Each is a great place for family pleasure and offers a variety of entertainment and adventure.

Dhow Cruise

Not all outdoor pursuits need to involve an element of risk. The purpose of the dhow trip is to unwind and have fun. Dhows, which were formerly used as fishing vessels, are now used for tours of the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, Dubai Canal, and Dubai Creek. You can partake in a buffet meal on these cruises that includes continental, Arab, and Indian food as well as entertainment performances like a Tanoura dance and magic show. After dinner, you can ascend to the top deck to take in the nighttime vistas of Dubai's brilliantly illuminated metropolis.

Skiing on a Snow

Covered Mountain: Although this is often an outside activity, Dubai, with its propensity to defy convention, has transformed it into an inside activity. Nonetheless, you can still think of it as an outdoor activity. You may experience a 279-foot-high snow-covered mountain with 5 ski slopes of varied grades at Ski Dubai, which is located in the Mall of Emirates. A ski lodge, a play area measuring 3000 square metres, a ski lodge, and a penguin enclosure are also present. Since Ski Dubai is such a cutting-edge location, many individuals obtain a Dubai visa solely to visit.

Seaplane Flight

Take a seaplane tour to quickly see all of Dubai. These trips are growing in popularity since they provide you a close-up perspective of Dubai's skyline and an overhead view of the Palm Islands. An amphibious aircraft called a seaplane is used to start the journey. Another experience is the plane's actual takeoff and landing. The majority of Dubai City's architectural wonders are included in the trip, which lasts approximately 45 minutes. There is also a longer excursion that passes over Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

Yacht Tours

What could be more lavish than a yacht? Dubai is all about living it up. A yacht can be rented to see Dubai's coastline. Once you are in the deep oceans, you can engage in more enjoyable pursuits like scuba diving, snorkelling, and fishing. Some of the larger ships are fully manned, and you can even host gatherings and meals there. Some yachts even let you spend the night, making it feel like you have your own little pirate ship. Everyone should take a yacht excursion at least once.

Water Sports at Dubai Beaches

The beaches around Dubai's coastline are all in excellent condition and make for the ideal places to unwind. Water sports, on the other hand, offer a tonne of chances for excitement and fun. You may enjoy water sports unlike any other thanks to jetovators and incredibly fast jet skis. Grab some friends and ride the waves on a wakeboard or in a banana boat across the water. There is so much entertainment here. A jetovator is a must-try sport that allows you to fly over water by pumping water via a device connected to your feet.

Hajar Mountain Adventure Tour

The breathtaking Hajar Mountain is a lesser-known Dubai treasure. You can take a tour of this magnificent location and take in the sights and unique adventures. Huge 4X4 SUVs transport you along the winding roads towards the mountain range. On the journey, you might get to view some wildlife. The journey stops at a Wadi where you may relax and enjoy the water to cool off. After that, the sightseeing begins. You get the chance to pause and shop at the lone town in the mountain range on the last portion of the journey. One of the top outdoor activities in Dubai, this tour is pretty unique.




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