Top 10 Bars on Goa in 2022

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The most excellent bars in Goa don't essentially offer you a view of the sunset; they're usually joints with a severely loyal patronage, often located down some grimy, nondescript street, or the edge of a cliff, that Google Maps won’t be able to help you with. 
Just like Goa’s food culture, the liquor prospect has seen a rebirth of sorts. We’d advise giving your usual beer a miss and going all in with this mad diversity of alcohol that’s coming out of the Sunshine State. This list of top 10 best bars in Goa is going to help you hit up all our much loved bars and reignite your love for all things local, no matter what area you're in. 

1. Joseph Bar

A petite haunt in Fontainhas, Joseph proudly calls itself a ‘Feni bar’. This cozy little nook is constantly bustling with merry drinkers absorbed in diverse conversations, ranging from yoga to cinema to literature. Also, don’t be fooled by looks – this spectacularly grungy bar is all the time well-stocked. You’ll come across local gin, fine whisky and Goan craft on tap. Or you can go local and do a Feni with Limca, salt, and a dash of lime.

Cost: INR 1000
Tel: 08830569783
Address: Gomes Pereira Road, Panjim, Goa

2. Miguel's Bar

Fontainhas' resurgence as a destination on Goa's nightlife map has only just started. Say shiny new Miguel's, for example: A bar done up art deco-style, serving cocktails with fire petiscos, set up in a custom building in the heart of Goa's Latin Quarter. It's the kind of classic place where an Old-Fashioned or a Bellini would be average for the course, but turn to their tiny but flawless list of signature cocktails. Whilst we're partial to the jalapeno-infused vodka-based Punho Luta Mexicano, and the Cha Gelado Lemongrass, you could very well choose the last thing on the page and let them shock you. 

Cost: INR 1,600 for 2 (approx)
Ph: +919112222584
Address: 1/111/A1, Bento Miguel, Old Patto Bridge, Panaji, Goa     

3. Antonio's@31

Complimenting Fontainhas' colorful vibe with its blue and yellow facade is Antonio's@31. Conceived in the manner of Spain's welcoming neighborhood tapas bars, chef Pablo Miranda's menu presents feni and gin cocktails with a wind, and staples of Goan cuisine extended into new territory with delicious results. 

Cost: INR 1,100 for two (approx) without alcohol
Ph: +918380057888
Address: Rua 31, De-Janeiro, Altinho, Panaji, Goa        

4. Petisco

Cocktails can be sassy too, and proving it are the excellent folk at Petisco, a self-sufficient joint in the capital city that's been made with a whole lot of love, starting from the dark wood and brick-interiors to the menu. We'd very much recommend stopping by for a taste of their cocktails, particularly the Penicillin, Fenihattan and the Jungle Bird. While you are there, order all that you can eat from their food menu - the pan fried mackerel, oven-roasted chonak, prawns la Plancha and everything else will come wonderfully plated and luscious.   

Cost: INR 1,200 for 2 (approx)
Address: Opposite Municipal Garden, Souza Towers, R S Road, Altinho, Panaji, Goa
Ph: +918010521438, +919604026690 

5. Soro - The Village Pub

Brick walls and uncovered fixtures provide Soro a cool, industrial-chic vibe. Evenly popular with visitors as well as inhabitants of Goa, their Sunday Salsa nights are one of the major events on the city’s social calendar. If you can’t hop in on Sunday, their Saturday rock nights and Friday ladies’ nights are as well worth popping by for. You can anticipate ample parking, an outdoor division, pool tables, and amazing bar snacks making it ideal for anybody in the mood for post-dinner drinks. Soro also picks up late, so locate a table at ease and order the Cheese Jalapeno Poppers and Tex-Mex Nachos. In case if you’re in the mood for a full meal, try out their pizza or the spaghetti with meatballs.

Cost: INR 2500
Tel: 9881934440
Address: Badem Junction, Assagao, North Goa, Goa

6. Guru Bar & Restaurant

Reggae artists, blues guitarists and rock gigs – that is Guru Bar for you. Named after its founder, this renowned watering hole (and restaurant) has been around ever since the late ‘60s, making it a original member of the sunshine state’s hippie movement. Pick both, the restaurant section which gives you great views of the sea, and the graphitized bar section, which doubles as a show area, reminding you of a scruffy student bar from the hipster neighborhood of some European city. They’ve got an unrestrained menu, with all from Goan food and pizzas to Chinese and obviously, good old tandoori dishes – but we’re mainly fond of their masala fries and batter-fried prawns.

Cost: INR 1500
Tel: 9960956691
Address: St Anthony Prais Waddo, North Anjuna Beach, Anjuna, North Goa, Goa

7. Lush By The Cliff

Purple Martini is for the tourists, except that view, am I right? A stone's throw away is Lush By The Cliff, an alluring place, excluding the crowds looking for good quality time. It offers an eye-catching view of the ocean, so make sure you're here in time for sunset to grasp the front row seats, right at the periphery of the cliff. Order local beers or you can try their urrak-based cocktails, and float all along to a lively pop-infused playlist that'll completely soundtrack your holiday. 

Cost: INR 1,200 for 2 (approx)
Tel: +918010993209
Address: St. Anthony Prai, Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa

8. Darling's Bar

Two doors down from Paulo's sits Darling's, one more charming watering hole, where the cocktails come custom-made, and food mouth-watering. Their pizzas are particularly popular, and if you want to be a bit more adventurous, the salmon and cheese crepe is a vetted option. 

 Cost: INR 1,000
Tel: 07276058272
Address: Chapora, Goa 

9. Idā

With a boat reused into a bar and appealing fairy lights, this is a calm garden-style, family-run joint in Vagator. On your plate will be Portugese and Goan cuisine, and for your nip is a host of blockbuster cocktails made with newly picked herbs and homemade bitters. Try out the Coco Negroni or the Vodka Sour and identify that what you're tasting is art.   

 Cost: INR 1,400 for 2 (approx)
Tel: +919326746848
Address: 562/1, Vagator, Goa

10. Kopi Desa

In Agonda, which carries on to be an unexploited hamlet where the population of cows unwinding on the beach equals that of humans, nightlife spells turning in early so you can be intense and up for your yoga-surf-sun bathe schedule. But Kopi Desa, with its energetic vibe, pop-infused playlist, grand pizza and perfectly-balanced classic cocktails, brings to you some of that much desired shine you'll want on your holiday.     

Cost: INR 1,200 for 2 (approx)
Tel: +919607540282
Address: Agonda Beach, Agonda, Goa




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