Top 10 Famous Temples In Mathura & Vrindavan In 2023

These Famous temples are a must visit the next time you plan a trip to Mathura & Vrindavan...
Top 10 Famous Temples In Mathura & Vrindavan In 2023

India is a nation deserving of respect for having a huge array of diverse holy shrines, sacred locations, and numerous pilgrimage sites. It is here that one may discover their spiritual selves, inner calm, and enlightenment. Perhaps this is the only factor in the large number of pilgrims the nation attracts each year. Vrindavan and Mathura in the state of Uttar Pradesh ensure themselves an important position when it comes to spiritual destinations. These holy cities in Uttar Pradesh honour Lord Krishna's birthplace and are filled with numerous temples. Here are Top 10 famous temples in Mathura and Vrindavan that you can plan a trip to in 2023.

Popular Hindu Temples in Mathura:

  • Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple: One of the most revered and cherished sanctuaries is found within Mathura's human-filled streets: Janmabhoomi Temple. Given that it is said to be the location of Lord Shri Krishna's birth, this temple is regarded as the holiest spot in Mathura and is a significant Hindu pilgrimage.

    According to the locals, the temple was once a stone-walled cell used as a jail by Lord Krishna's uncle, King Kans, until it was built by his great-grandson, Raja Veer Singh Bundela. A little chamber that depicts the jail where Lord Krishna was born is another must-see feature that is situated below the temple's main shrine. Best time to visit this temple is during the festival of Janmashtami.

Top 10 Famous Temples In Mathura & Vrindavan In 2023
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  • Dwarkadhish Temple: Dwarkadhish temple, the revered residence of Lord Krishna, is situated in the Gujarati city of Dwarka. The temple, also known as Jagat Mandir, has two doorways for pilgrims to enter and depart. The departure door is known as Moksha Dwar (the gateway to emancipation), while the entrance door is known as Swarg Dwar (the doorway to paradise). 

    The primary shrine has the Radha-Krishna idol. You could see a black marble statue of Lord Dwarkadhish (a incarnation of Lord Krishna) and a white marble statue of his beloved Radha at the shrine. The main attraction of the temple is the golden coloured swing of Lord Dwarkadheesh. 

  • Gita Mandir: Gita Mandir, also known as Birla Mandir, is one of the must-see Hindu temples in Mathura and lies a few kilometres outside the city centre in the direction of Vrindavan. The sculptures depicting Lord Krishna lecturing to his follower, Pandava Prince Arjuna, during the Kurukshetra War is what makes this temple so amazing. It is made with red sandstone.

    In fact, you can see 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita etched on the pillars right at the temple's entrance. 

  • Chamunda Devi Temple: One of the most significant spiritual retreats in India is Chamunda Devi Temple in Mathura, which is just across from Maa Gayatri Tapobhumi. It is said that a hair strand from Maa Gayatri dropped on this particular location. Also described in Shrimad Bhagwat's holy book is this incident.

    According to legend, Lord Krishna visited this location to ask Maa Chamunda for her blessings after providing salvation to a snake during the Satyug era. According to legend, Nand Baba visited Maa Chamunda for blessings after performing Sri Krishna's Mundan at Saraswati Kund. Maa Chamunda is also the clan goddess of Nand Baba.

Top 10 Famous Temples In Mathura & Vrindavan In 2023
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Popular Hindu Temples in Vrindavan:

  • Banke Bihari Mandir: Given that he is regarded as a "Supreme Enjoyer," Sri Krishna is known as Banke Bihari in one of the well-known Krishna temples in Vrindavan. As you can see in a statue of the deities with their hands folded to hold a flute and their legs folded in a standing position, Banke means "Bent in three places," while Bihari means "Enjoyer."

    One of the seven temples of Thakur of Vrindavan, Banke Bihari Mandir is close to Shri RadhaVallabh Temple. Perhaps the major attraction in Vrindavan, the temple's main entrance is decorated with a dark yellow-brown tint and elaborate traditional design. You can see the Thakur Ji statue of Lord Krishna within. It is pitch-black.

  • Prem Mandir: On the outskirts of Vrindavan, there is a magnificent temple called Prem Mandir, which means "love." It is one of the most popular tourist destinations. This religious structure, which honours the divine love of Sri Krishna and Radharani, is exquisitely constructed out of white marble and showcases the gorgeous architectural marvel as well as the background of Sanatana Dharma.

    This 54-acre sacred area may be explored in a day, and the main temple contains stunning statues of Sri Krishna and his devotees. You can also see various pictures of Krishna Leela, Govardhan Parwat Leela, and Krishna Kaliya Naag Leela here. If you visit this Temple of Love, you will undoubtedly feel peace and joy.

  • Nidhivan Temple: Nidhivan Temple, perhaps one of the top tourist attractions in Vrindavan, is a paradise for both pilgrims and environment enthusiasts. It is mostly surrounded by trees whose branches are either entwined with other trees or pointed downward and therefor the locals consider them to be gopis of Shri Krishna.

    It is also believed that no one is permitted to stay there after the sun has fallen because Krishna, Radha, and the gopis conduct the Raas-Leela among Nidhivan. There are a lot of followers at this sacred spot in Vrindavan that is forbidden to visit in the evening since it is said that anyone who enters the forest after sunset either gets blind, deaf, or dumb, basically not in a condition to recount the narrative.

  • Shri Krishna Balaram Mandir (ISKCON): Shri Krishna Balaram Mandir, one of the numerous temples in Vrindavan, is a sight to see and, to top it off, is regarded as a significant ISKCON temple in India. You will come across an archway with spiralling peacock stairways on each side as you enter the stunning white marble edifice.
    In actuality, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness attaches a very unique value to this Mandir. The temple, built by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the organization's founder, showcases Sri Krishna's transcendental facets.

  • Radharamana Temple: One of the holiest temples is Radharamana Temple in Vrindavan, and travellers should pay it a visit. In essence, Radharamana means the one who pleases, in this case, Lord Krishna to Radha. This is only one of the many names that Lord Krishna goes by. Gopala Bhatta Gosvami took the initiative to build the Radharamana Temple.
    This temple is said to have been a place of worship since 1542 because of the legend that Lord Krishna appeared to devotees from a Salagram-Shila on the Vaisakhi full moon day. Every year, at this auspicious occasion, the idol of Lord Krishna is bathed in milk and other sacred objects. As a show of gratitude, the devotees are then given the bathed milk.

  • Jugal Kishore Temple: One of the significant pilgrimage sites you may see while on your journey to Vrindavan is the Jugal Kishore Temple, which is situated by the sacred River Yamuna. The Kesi Ghat, one of Vrindavan's most popular sacred dip/bathing locations, is undoubtedly this shrine's main draw. It is a stunning building made of red sandstone.

    Jugal Kishore Temple has a lively atmosphere, especially at night when lighted lamps illuminate the dim pathways and sacred chanting lift your spirits. This temple is best seen at the Aarti hour which pleases almost every visitor at that hour.

Top 10 Famous Temples In Mathura & Vrindavan In 2023
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