Top 15 Beautiful Gardens In India In 2023

Explore India's Stunning Gardens: From Historical Marvels to Botanical Wonders

Gardens have always been revered as places where beauty is worshipped, where human souls find solace in the embrace of nature. Throughout history, India's emperors, rajas, and maharajas have constructed breathtaking gardens adorned with flowers, lush vegetation, and natural wonders like waterfalls, ponds, and lakes. These gardens stand as timeless testaments to India's rich cultural heritage and appreciation for the aesthetic wonders of nature. Here's a journey through 11 of the most enchanting gardens in India that will transport you to a world of unparalleled beauty.


 1. Shalimar Bagh, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir 


Shalimar Bagh, one of India's most exquisite Mughal Gardens, is a living testament to the profound love of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir for his wife, Nur Jahan. Nestled in the heart of Srinagar, this garden is a masterpiece of Mughal horticulture and design.


 2. Hanging Garden, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

 hanging G

Perched atop Malabar Hill, the Hanging Gardens within Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens are celebrated as among the most beautiful in the country. Offering breathtaking panoramic views of Mumbai against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea, these gardens provide a serene escape from the bustling city.


 3. Brindavan Garden, Mysore, Karnataka 

 Brindavan G

Located in the picturesque Mandya district of Karnataka, Brindavan Garden is a globally acclaimed beauty spot. Situated 143 kilometres from Bangalore and a mere 24 kilometres from Mysore, this garden is a testament to nature's artistry.


 4. Mughal Garden, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi 

 Mughal G

The Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi boasts its very own Mughal Garden, adorned with a stunning variety of flowers. It seamlessly melds both Mughal and English landscaping styles into a harmonious whole.


 5. Pinjore Garden, Panchkula, Haryana 


Pinjore Garden, situated 22 kilometres from Chandigarh on the Ambala-Shimla highway, is a striking embodiment of Mughal garden design. Originally constructed by Nawab Fidai Khan of the Patiala Dynasty in the 17th century, it continues to captivate visitors with its timeless allure.


 6. Nishat Bagh, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir 


As the second largest Mughal Garden in the valley, Nishat Bagh is a source of pride for Srinagar. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Zabarwan Mountains and the serene Dal Lake, it is a true gem nestled beneath the snow-clad Pir Pinjal mountain range.


 7. Lodhi Garden, Delhi 


Stretching over 90 acres between Khan Market and Safdarjung's Tomb, Lodhi Garden is Delhi's most popular garden. It not only offers a respite from urban life but also houses the tombs of historical figures such as Mohammad Shah and Sikander Lodi.


 8. Government Botanical Garden, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 


Established in 1848 during the colonial era, the Government Botanical Garden in Ooty is a treasure trove of nearly a thousand exotic and indigenous plant species. Its sprawling 22-hectare expanse on the lower slopes of Doddabetta Peak makes it a horticultural paradise.


 9. Rock Garden, Chandigarh 


Breaking away from the conventional garden mould, the Rock Garden of Chandigarh is a unique marvel. It features sculptural works created from industrial and household waste materials, transforming discarded items into art.


 10. Lloyd's Botanical Garden, Darjeeling, West Bengal 


Established in 1878 during British rule, Lloyd's Botanical Garden in Darjeeling was originally an extension of the Shibpur Botanical Garden in Kolkata. It continues to enchant visitors with its lush greenery and diverse flora.


 11. Lal Bagh Gardens, Bangalore, Karnataka 

Lal Bagh 

Lal Bagh, situated in the garden city of Bangalore, is an iconic garden with a rich history. It was initiated by Hyder Ali, the ruler of Mysore, and completed by his son Tipu Sultan. Today, it remains a haven of tranquillity amidst the bustling city.


 12. Chashme Shahi Garden, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir 

Chashme Shahi 

Chashme Shahi, a garden built in 1632 by Ali Mardan, the governor of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, is a jewel nestled around a spring, offering a captivating view of Dal Lake. It's a serene sanctuary that has stood the test of time, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its historical charm.


 13. Leisure Valley, Chandigarh 


Leisure Valley in Chandigarh is the epitome of tranquillity and leisure, often referred to as the city's lungs. Comprising a collection of exquisite theme gardens and parks, Leisure Valley wraps around Chandigarh like a beautiful garland, providing a peaceful retreat for all who wander within.


 14. Sayaji Baug, Vadodara, Gujarat 


The grand Sayaji Baug, also known as Kamati Baug, stands as the largest garden in Western India. It was a generous gift from Maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III to the citizens of Baroda (now Vadodara) in 1879. This sprawling 113-acre garden is a botanical wonder, housing nearly 100 plant species. Additionally, it features the Sardar Patel Planetarium, Baroda Museum & Picture Gallery, Sayaji Baug Zoo, and an exquisite floral clock. Maintained by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation, this garden is celebrated as one of the finest in Asia.


 15. Mehtab Bagh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 


Mehtab Bagh, also known as the Moonlit Garden, predates the iconic Taj Mahal and was a cherished dream of Babur. This garden, situated along the Yamuna River, is the final gem among the eleven gardens constructed by Mughal emperors. Despite facing neglect, it has survived the test of time and stands as a testament to Mughal garden design.


These 15 gardens in India are not just spaces of natural beauty; they are living repositories of history, culture, and the enduring love for the exquisite wonders of the natural world. Whether you seek serenity, inspiration, or a simple connection with nature, these enchanting gardens in India offer a timeless escape into the heart of beauty and tranquillity. These gardens are like chapters in a grand story of India's enduring love affair with nature's beauty. Each one offers a unique experience, whether it's a historical journey, a leisurely escape, or a botanical adventure. Together, they enrich the tapestry of India's natural wonders, inviting visitors to explore the boundless beauty of the land.




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