Varun Dhawan Wishes Govinda On His Birthday

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Recently, on 21st December when Govinda turned 57, he was flooded with warm and cordial birthday wishes from his friends and fans alike. Amongst this horde of well-wishers, what caught everyone’s attention was Varun Dhawan’s wish. The younger actor posted an Instagram story calling Govinda as OG and shared the photo of his father and Govinda on set, writing, ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE OG COOLIE NO1’. To this, Govinda reposted the photo on Instagram and wrote, ‘Thank you, beta’.

The intriguing thing about the situation which caught everyone by syrprise was Govinda’s reply as he had a public fallout with David Dhawan, the director of the remake of Coolie No.1 and the father of Varun Dhawan.

On an interview with journalist Rajat Sharma on the show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, Govinda had said, ‘After I left politics, I told my secretary to keep the phone speaker on, so that I could listen what he (David Dhawan) was saying. I heard David saying, Chi-Chi (Govinda’s nickname) is questioning a lot. He was telling my secretary, I do not want to work with Govinda anymore. Tell him to do some small bit roles. This shocked me and I decided never to work with him.

After 4-5 months, I again rang him up just to find out if he would give me a guest appearance in his film. He then never rang me back. I am revealing this in public after so many years. I think he is under somebody’s influence. I do not think he is that same David Dhawan whom I used to know.”

Upon being questioned regarding the director’s son, Govinda had replied that as Varun Dhawan is David Dhawan’s son, he is certainly not going to do 17 films with him, like he did. Furthermore, he continues to add, ‘I liked David and did many hit films with him. I did not even treat my relatives so well as I treated him. Even with my brother, who is a director, I did not do 17 films.’

The saying ‘Like father, like son’, is certainly not visible in this case, as Varun Dhawan was spotted bonding over with Govinda during the Filmfare awards and Govinda had also wished the younger actor ‘All the best’ for the film.

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