We All Have Those Special ‘Lamhe’.

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Srishti Banerjee speaks about a short film – Lamhe, which impacted her deeply. Read our article for more details.

We all have that one special person in our lives whose mere presence brightens up our day. Last night while I was browsing through the net, I came across a very interesting short film called Lamhe. Unlike the thousands of forgettable short films that clutter the YouTube space, this short film written and directed by Khushi Kothari lingers on with you for much longer than its screen time, perhaps for its unique narrative style, which uses a poetic approach rather than a traditional approach. When contacted, Khushi revealed that shooting Lamhe was really tough as it was done during this lockdown period. The scenes were shot at the artists’ place itself and had challenges of its own.

The film opens with two strangers who meet at a party and gradually fall in love. It depicts all the moments they cherish in their relationship and the little things that they admire of the other. The story takes a turn when they each get accepted to different universities and have to make their individual career choices. They soon realize that they are completely different individuals with poles apart career goals. They eventually have to call it quits and walk away. The end scene shows them each going their own way. But will their path collide once again?
The director speaks a thousand words but not only through the artist but by her outstanding direction. Her use of gradients to enhance the emotions within the scenes is a real artistic approach to film direction. Despite all the shortcomings and obstacles that came their way this short film is a success in itself as it achieves its objective of bringing to life every scene.
As a viewer, one can relate to the characters on screen as most of us have often gone through breakups. The actors have also done justice to their character roles. All in all, it a must-watch short film and something I would recommend to people who want to watch worthy content.
You can watch ‘Lamhe’ on Khushi Kothari’s YouTube channel or use the link mentioned here.

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