Is Rakul Dating Rana Daggubati?

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Are Rakul Preet & Rana Daggubati dating? Here is what Rakul had to say about the rumors.

Rana, one of the south Indian stars who brought himself some fame from across the country for his film Bahubali, is now stuck
in rumors of dating Rakul preeth Singh one of the beautiful actresses in Tamil and Telugu film industries. She also starred in Aiyaary and yaariyan.


How Did It All Start?

All of these gossips about them dating, started when they were spotted together at an event. They both seemed to have a great time in the event.
When asked about the same in a talk show, Rakul stated that

We’ve been hearing this for such a long time and we can’t help but laugh. This is just a rumor. Rana and I are very good friends. He is there for me whenever I need him. I stay in Hyderabad away from my family and there I have a group of 15 to 20 friends. Rana and I are a part of that group. So we often hang out together and are neighbors too. In that group only two to three people are single and we are few of them and people tend to link those who are single.

Rakul also said she often asked her friends to find a boyfriend for her.

These group of friends include Manchu Laxmi, they all live in the same neighborhood. As told by Rakul when she met
Rana, he was already dating someone, then again she stated that both her and Rana were single. This infers that Rana was once in a relationship with someone and probably they broke up.


Apart from these rumors when a fan asked would you like to marry a middle-class man or would you like marrying a person who is an actor?
She replied that it doesn’t matter for her if the person is from a middle-class family as she is brought up in a middle-class family. Along with that she also stated that career doesn’t matter, the person can be in the film industry. This says that she is okay with being in a relationship or getting married to a guy in the film industry.

Can they be together?

As both Rakul Preeth and Rana are currently single from what Rakul Preeth said.

There are quite a lot of chances for them to be together. Also, Rakul stated that she wanted her friends to find a boyfriend for her, which meant she wanted to date someone.

Rana is one of the handsome, eligible bachelors of south India. He wouldn’t be quite a bad choice for Rakul.

They may have a lot of possibles to be one of the beautiful couples of the Tollywood industry.


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