Which Chocolates To Shop For, While Travelling Abroad

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Are you one of those people, who love to shop chocolates abroad? Do you prefer your stash of imported chocolates over their Indian counterparts? We tell you which chocolates are worth your money & where to look for them.

When I first traveled abroad in the year 1992, I was amazed at the wide varieties of chocolates available abroad. I was dismayed by the quality of chocolates available back home. Cadbury – the bellwether chocolate manufacturer in India, too had several brands which were not sold in India but were available abroad. I would look forward to my trips abroad or be at the mercy of friends and relatives for my dose of the brown delicacy. Luckily for us, in the last few years several global brands like Ferrero Rocher, Kit Kat, Snickers, Mars are now available in India. Mondelez (Cadbury) too has launched a lot of its global brands in India. But there are still several brands which are not available in Indian markets. You may find some of these chocolates in your neighbourhood store, put may have to pay a premium for those.

Here is the list of the best chocolates abroad, along with the tips & tricks to shop for them

1) Milka: Milka is owned by Mondelez. Lovers of milk chocolates will love this ones. we love to just pop a few pieces post dinner & let it melt in our mouth. We love the Alpine Milk – A milk chocolate bar & the Broken Nuts – which is a milk chocolate bar with hazelnut pieces. Milka is readily available in the malls of Dubai, Europe or US. We would suggest you buy it in the mall rather than buying it at the duty free shop, while on your way back home.

2) Toblerone: This iconic Swiss chocolate brand, is a favorite among a lot of chocolate lovers, second only to Ferrero Rocher. While some varieties are available in India, there are some varieties like Fruit & Nut which are difficult to get. We suggest you to buy Toblerone at the airport’s duty free shop. Toblerone minis make for excellent gifts for your friends & colleagues. We strongly recommend you to try their Fruit & Nut. We have found the rates at the duty free shop at the airports abroad to be on par with the ones available in malls. Why pack extra, when you can just put the chocolates in your hand baggage?

3) Hershey’s: We love Hershey’s. It is sad that their iconic brands like Kisses, Peanut butter cup, butterfingers are not available in India. As of now only their chocolate syrup is available in the country. If you like peanut butter flavored chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups are simply the best. The other Hershey’s chocolate we love are M&M’s. M&M’s will be easily available at malls across Europe, but will be difficult to be found at the airports. Reese’s peanut butter cups are available only in North America. We couldn’t find them in Europe, Australia, Far East or UAE. If you have a friend or a relative going to the US, remember to ask them to shop for Hershey’s.

Cachet is a Belgian chocolate brand, which is rather unknown. It is delicious & worth a buy. It is easily available near Manneken Pis area in Belgium

4) Lindt: No list on chocolates can ever be complete without mentioning this popular Swiss brand. Several varieties are now available in India, especially for dark chocolate lovers. But if you do to Switzerland, we would recommend you to go to their stores at Mt. Titlis. Other varieties of Lidt not available in India are the Caramel Brownie. We would suggest you pick up the Lindt milk chocolates wrapped in a golden cover. It is easily available at all major airports.

5) Cachet & Guylian: Cachet is one of the best Belgian chocolate brands. We just loved their Almonds & Raisins variety. Cachet is available only in Belgium & some other parts of Europe. Guylian is another famous Belgian chocolate brand, which is equally delicious. We suggest you to buy them, wherever you spot them while in Belgium. The area around Manneken Pis is the best place to buy them in Belgium.

6) Bianca: Another Belgian delight. We found this brand on the streets of Belgium. We are repenting for not buying enough! This milk chocolate just melts in your mouth & has great taste. It is one of the lesser known brands, but will make you crave for more. it is best to buy this near Manneken Pis along with Cachet. Do not depend on European airports to store these brands.

7) Godiva: Every chocolate connoisseur’s delight. This is one of Europe’s most expensive chocolate brands & is well worth your money. It is available across all major stores & duty free shops abroad. It makes for an excellent gift for your romantic interest. This one is sure to melt hearts!

8) Artisan Belgian Truffle: we have saved one of the best for the last. Your chocolate stash cannot be complete without the famed Belgian Truffles. Artisan is a good brand for the famed chocolates. We strongly recommend you to buy them from the stores in Belgium. The area around Grand Place is a great place to but them, post sipping the wide varieties of beer in the bars!

Bianca is another chocolate brand which tried in Belgium. It is not easily available at the duty free shops of Europe

When it comes to chocolates Belgium & Switzerland are our favorites. The American brands are not too far behind though. We hope you find this list useful, while shopping for chocolates abroad. Do write to us at [email protected] if you wish to inform us about more chocolate brands which can be covered in this article.

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