Why A Vote For BJP In Gujarat Elections Is A Vote For India

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It is election time again. This time it is the states of Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh which will elect their governments. While BJP winning Himachal is a foregone conclusion, it is the previously assumed “permanently saffronized” state of Gujarat where the toughest battles are being fought.

On one hand you have Narendra Modi – a man who served as the CM of Gujarat for three terms, until his elevation to the country’s top job in the year 2014. Post becoming the CM, Narendra Modi totally transformed Gujarat. Although it is true that Gujarat was a prosperous state even before Modi took over, one cannot deny the huge development he brought into the state. Power supply was sporadic, water was scarce, roads were pathetic. Gujarat now boasts of 24X7 power supply, excellent roads & uninterrupted water supply.

No one can deny the good work done by Modi in Gujarat. The excellent roads, 24X7 power supply, water & the well implemented public transport systems like BRTS is testament to that fact
Farmer income has quadrupled since the time Modi took charge of running the state. Corruption is way lesser than many other parts of the country. It not just his social media savvy & big promises which some media outlets would want you to believe which have made the electorate of Gujarat vote for PM Modi. If people were so gullible, Lalu Yadav would probably still be in power. Modi may have come into power by playing the Hindutva card, but one can’t deny the kind of progress that has happened in Gujarat under him. As his legend grew, people were mesmerized by the success of his “Gujarat Model” of development. Business heads, CXO’s across the world were impressed by his vision & governance. It was his popularity as a doer which had spread across the country, which led to a landslide win in the general elections. PM Modi has earned his right to become the PM of the country. For the first time, people probably voted on development issues & not based on caste or vague promises. Modi’s was a win for India.
On the other hand, you have Rahul Gandhi. His only qualification is being born into the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. There have been no reports of him successfully turning a state or city around. No reports of him sacking his corrupt ministers or party men. No newspaper article of a state being governed by his party leapfrogging in terms of growth. He has recently been in the news for his temple visits. After being seen visiting only mosques & churches, Rahul Gandhi is now seen embracing his faith. His assistant writing his name in the non hindu visitors book caused a furore. He is backed by Hardik Patel – a leader of the Patidar community. He has been lured by the promise of quotas for his community, despite it not being constitutionally possible. Mr. Patel too is known for rebelling against the BJP & not for his administrative expertise. The last man who was elected to public office was Arvind Kejriwal. You can rest assured that he or his party won’t be winning the next elections in Delhi. To say that he has been a disappointment will be an understatement. While Modi is renowned for his vision & big ideas, the leaders of the opposition have no vision for Gujarat whatsoever.
The things that the people of Gujarat can expect on Congress coming to power is – rampant corruption, red tapism, nepotism & crony capitalism. It will cease to be the model state of development for the country. Crime which has been low since the time Modi has been in power, will raise its ugly head. A puppet CM will be installed, with the sole objective of generating funds for general elections in 2019 through corrupt practices. That is what Karnataka is going through currently. Sources inform us about the disturbing levels of corruption in Karnataka, which has been under Congress rule. A vote against BJP will be construed as a vote against demonetization & GST. No PM will ever dare to take disruptive steps for the betterment of the country & its long-term growth.
A majority vote for BJP on the other hand will signal a vote for development. It will give much required ammo to the BJP to carry out more reforms in the future. Vijay Rupani under the tutelage of Narendra Modi & Amit Shah will ensure that the state enjoys the high levels of growth it is used to. The positive effects will be enjoyed by every citizen of the country. While the Congress represents everything that is wrong with the country – corruption, nepotism, red tapism,minority appeasement, casteist politics the BJP is its polar opposite
UP election results have proved that the citizens of the country can no longer can be fooled. The current electorate of India is no longer illiterate & cannot be swayed by fake promises, as was the case two-three decades back. Just being the son of the PM doesn’t ensure a win in polls. What people look for is development, a grand vision & action.
I hope the electorate of Gujarat doesn’t prove me wrong on Decemeber 18th, when the results are declared.


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