Akshay Kumar-PM Modi Interview, Parineeti In The Girl On The Train Remake & PC Comes To India

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Akshay Kumar interviewed PM Modi, Parineeti to star in Girl On The Train remake & PC comes to India for her brother’s wedding. Read our article to find out more.


On Wednesday,24th April, Akshay Kumar got up close and candid with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and engaged in a light-hearted non political conversation with the leader.
The hour long interview,released to the media through news agency ANI, showcases the PM’s personal side.
The 51 year old actor asked the leader about his strict routine,his disciplinarian lifestyle and what he liked to do in his leisure time.
Akshay started the interview by asking about mangoes! Yes, he asked the PM if he liked mangoes and the PM replied nostalgically about how he used to enjoy the tropical summer fruit in his childhood. He,however, has to keep a check on his diet now.
Kumar next asked if he ever thought he would lead the country and much to his surprise, the PM replied that he never thought about it and said coming from a non political background has not been an easy journey and not all liked what he did. He once decided to be a sanyasi and even took on a journey for the same. His mother would be happy even if he did a regular job.

When asked about his family life and whether he craves to spend more time with them, PM Modi says since he left home at a very early age, these things are different for him as he was trained in a certain way and he perceives them differently. He later talks about his early life and how his family was stricken with poverty and how he had no shoes to wear. His maternal Uncle had once bought him a pair of white canvas shoes which got dirty very easily. Then a young boy, the PM would stay back after school and collect the small discarded pieces of chalk to clean his shoes.
Akshay asks him if he felt angry. The PM’s response was that it is a natural emotion and he does feel angry at times but he never has had the chance to express it.

When the Kesari actor asked the work culture and his relationship with the opposition. The Prime Minister replied by saying that work culture develops the way the leader wants it to and that discipline cannot be imposed on people. He likes humor but often that get misinterpreted for Traps. He says that he shares cordial relationship with some of the opposing party leaders. He adds, Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal,sends him kurtas once a year. And across the border, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh often sends him sweets.
When asked about his post retirement plans, the PM narrates an incident that occurred on the lines of the same question in his Cabinet. He considers work and responsibilities as his life and that every person at every age should have a goal in life.

What was the most valuable thing he brought to the PM house, asks the Khiladi. PM Modi replied that his long tenure serving as the Chief Minister of Gujarat is the most valuable thing and is his biggest benefit.
Akshay Kumar was also curious to know how the PM could manage work with just three and a half hours of sleep daily instead of the prescribed seven hours. To answer this PM Modi says that many of his colleagues often ask him this question. Barack Obama asks this every time they meet. Modi says his body has now adapted the sleep pattern and he doesn’t feel the need to sleep for a longer time. In this context he says that for his post retirement plans he would like to start it by learning to increase his sleep hours!
Given the fact that the PM has an impressing sense of style, Akshay asks about his vogue.
Modi says his style of kurta pajama and jacket was just a measure to save space. He removed the jacket sleeves to make them more convenient to carry and keep in the closet. He also has a weird habit of wearing his wrist watch upside down which he explains is to show courtesy to the person he is meeting as he is less likely to look at the watch to see time and make the person feel that he is in a rush.
On his mother, the PM says that she always keeps “sawa rupaiya” for him whenever he meets her. He doesn’t send his salary home because she doesn’t need it. He never relied on government to finance his family.
Kumari also asks him about social media. PM Modi is very active in the social media and he says it is his way to know the latest trends in the world. He adds that he even follows Kumar’s wife Twinkle Khanna on Twitter where she expresses her anger on the PM!
Akshay posted on twitter about the interview.


akshay kumar - PM Modi
Parineeti Chopra will be seen in the remake of Emily Blunt starrer The Girl On The Train image source: idiva

Parineeti Chopra has been selected to play the lead in the Hindi remake of 2015 thriller The Girl On The Train, announced Reliance Entertainment.The Paula Hawkins runaway bestseller was adapted into a Hollywood movie in 2015 by Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Pictures. The lead role was played by Emily Blunt who earned nominations for her portrayal of an alcoholic divorceé for the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the BAFTA and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The movie is to be directed by Ribhu Dasgupta who last directed the thriller Te3n with Amitabh Bachchan and Vidya Balan.

Sharing her thoughts on the remake, Parineeti says she is really excited about the role. She wanted to explore different genres and do something different from her previous roles. To be able to play an alcoholic victim of abuse would be a challenge she is willing to take. She mentions that she has read the book and loved it. She is also happy that the shoot will be in London for she knows the place well as she had spent a lot of time for her education and work there.

It’s exciting because I never thought I’d actually be doing a film around a book I’ve read and loved. I relate to the character because I’ve studied and worked in London, it’s my second home… I even know the tube maps inside out. I can’t wait to start shooting the film and relive those days and I hope people enjoy seeing me in a completely new avatar in this film

,she says.
Ribhu Dasgupta says it will be fun collaborating with Parineeti as she is a powerful actor. The film is set to go on floors in July 2019 and to be wrapped up by September 2019. The team has not yet selected a release date but it will be in 2020.


akshay-PM Modi
Priyanka Chopra is in India to attend her her brother’s wedding source: india-today.com

Priyanka Chopra has flown down to India to celebrate her brother, Siddharth Chopra’s wedding.
Siddharth will tie the knot with his fianceé Ishita Kumar at the end of this month.
Priyanka was spotted at the Mumbai airport rocking lemon green co-ords with her hair tied up in a bun, sunglasses and mangalsutra like only she can. She was joined by her husband,Nick Jonas, soon at the Roka ceremony, where Siddharth and Ishita formally got engaged.
Nick will again join them for the wedding. He says in The Late Late Show With James Corden, “So my brother-in-law is getting married. So we went back together. I was there for a day as I was in New York to announce this whole thing. But we went for the roka ceremony which is basically when two families come together and decide if they are going to approve of their union or not. And so they meet and get to know each other.”
Priyanka took to instagram to welcome her sister-in-law into their family. She wrote,“So proud of my baby brother. Ishita welcome to the family…you are so beautiful together…I wish you both the best for the future! Happy Roka!,”
The wedding reception in on 30th of this month.


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