Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Bickering Over A Bikini – 14th July

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about two actresses, who are bickering over a bikini.

Regular readers of our articles must be aware of how insecure our celebs are & how they make a fool of themselves(click here to read more). But then again, stakes are always high in showbiz. One scene can turn out to be an iconic one & can lead to several movie offers. Besides both of the stars are debuting in this movie. They obviously will want to put their best foot forward.

The two male stars who were launched in the previous installment of this franchise too were insecure about each other. While one of them has a 100% track record of delivering hits across genres, the other one is surviving solely thanks to his mentor. The heroine of that movie too is now a bonafide superstar.

Blind Item
They say your first film chooses you while you choose your next. So quite naturally, you would want your debut to do a world of good to your career. These two soon-to-debut starlets are also trying to do the same but it has only left the makers of their debut film see red. These beauties are going to land in Bollywood riding on one of the most glamorous movies of this year. Coming from a production house which is known to dish out stylish and sleek young love stories, this is the right window for these two actresses to show their talent and shine. But it seems they got the memo all wrong. Rather than fighting over who gets the maximum screen time, they are bickering over a bikini!

Yes, that’s right. These two actresses are young and good looking. Both have hot bods. For a scene in the film, they were supposed to wear bikinis in a pool where the hero is chilling. But more than who gets the scene right, they want the bikini right. So the producer wants one of the girls to wear this sexy sizzling bikini which was worn by an internationally renowned entrepreneur, known for her cosmetic line. But the issue is, both the girls want to make it theirs. This was giving the fashion designer who created the outfit, sleepless nights. Eventually, the whole sequence was canned from the film. Such is life…

Can you guess who they are?

Our Guess
Starlets: Tara Sutaria & Ananya Pandey
Movie: SOTY2
Hero: Tiger Shroff

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