Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Insecure Superstars – 9th April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about two senior actors who are insecure.
Both of them are known for their acting chops. Both of them have legions of fans. While one is still part of the triumvirate which rules Bollywood, the other is a megastar with no parallel. The junior among them is having an affair with an actor who played his daughter in their previous movie. His first wife divorced him due to his womanizing ways. He then married a woman who was an AD in one of his previous movies. But looks like he couldn’t control his womanizing instincts for too long.
The senior actor’s life is a sham. His wife is an alcoholic. He still continues to meet his ladylove. He & his ladylove have worked on several films during their prime. A movie was made on their extra marital affair, which starred them!Our sources inform that they spotted the senior actor & his ladylove at a five star hotel in Dubai together. They behave like they are not on talking terms, but the truth is far from it.

Blind Item
THESE two senior actors—who have been cast together after several years—seem determined to out-diva each other in their upcoming outing. While both are known for their professionalism, both seem insecure about the other’s role. Each one is said to be spying on the other during solo shoots. And once, when one of them dubbed just perfectly, his counterpart got so nervous, he just packed up and went home.

Our Guess
Senior Actors: Amitabh Bachchan & Aamir Khan
Movie: Thugs of Hindostan

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