Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Her Wedding Was Sponsored – 5th July

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BollywoodLife has posted a blind item about a celebrity whose wedding was sponsored!

We are shocked to learn that this star who got married to a businessman worth 2000 crores had her wedding sponsored! Her father was an A-lister in the 90’s. He is much in demand for character roles despite being almost 60 years old. The actress herself has starred in several successful films(click here to read more). Her sister is a successful producer. Their movie which released recently was a hit at the box office. Their brother though is yet to taste success in Bollywood.

Looks like these kids of the ex-superstar are an entitled lot. They have no idea about what it is to live within their means. That explains their arrogant & brash attitude. The brother went public with the fact that he was upset over the award for best debut was given to a regional star who had his hindi debut that same year. This despite the brother’s debut being a colossal flop. The star herself is known for her dumb tweets & her arrogance. She is known for her taste in fashion & is regarded as one of the most classy women in Bollywood. But then classy people don;t get their wedding sponsored!

They are not alone when it comes to celebs not handling their finances properly. A bollywood biggie has mentioned in his autobiography that he is bad at living on a budget & often overspends. This has led to him unable to produce a film himself. All his recent movies have been co-productions(click here to read more)

Blind Item
Wedding is the most anticipated day of our lives (well, at least for a majority). It is a celebration of life and a new beginning of commitment to the partner. And this celebration for the elite is all things lavish and grand. We’ve seen quite a few of them in the B-Town and boy, they were so extravagant, they could break the proverbial ceiling. We do understand the pressure of hosting the best bash in town if you’re a celebrity figure, but this one seems to have gone a bit too far.

Recently a star had a big bash wedding. Turns out her destination wedding turned a damp squib when the firang hotel faxed resort bills to mama and papa. Overnight, everything was changed. They got her best friend to “sponsor” the reception and work out a five star hotel, including food. But that’s not all! A fashion magazine even had a photo booth installed to click pictures of the guests who attended the soiree, so that the actress could publicise her much touted wedding in their next issue. In fact, the actress Most of the star guests were wondering if they had come to a sponsored event or a classy do which they claimed it was. In fact, abiding by the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract, the actress did not share any of her wedding pictures on social media before the magazine issue came out.

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Star: Sonam Kapoor

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