Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Marriage Trouble – 5th Dec

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about trouble in a producer’s marriage thanks to his flirtatious texts to another woman!

Our first article today was about trouble in a superstar’s marriage thanks to his cheating ways(click here to read more). The second article is about trouble in a producer’s marriage thanks to his flirtatious texts to another celebrity. Which makes one question “Are there no loyal husbands in Bollywood?”. If our sources are to be believed none of the successful celebs especially actors are faithful barring one or two. We remember reading an interview in a leading magazine about this topic, where a interviewee said he is yet to come across a faithful couple in Bollywood!

While some get caught & then divorced, the others reach some sort of understanding with their spouses. The spouses too don’t want to let go off all the fame & money(click here to read more). Very few walk the talk when it comes to leaving their husbands(mostly) or wives for cheating. The ones who do end up paying a heavy price for it. Be it 70’s, 80’s,90’s, the new millenium or the future, cheating is & will be the norm when it comes to showbiz across the world.

Blind Item

Everyone was shocked when this film producer and his well-known wife announced that their marriage was in trouble. After all, they hadn’t been married for a long time. The couple who can be described as a very dignified one did not allow any gossip to get in and have continued that way. However, if sources are to be believed then it was the guy’s flirtations with a famous personality that made his headstrong wife see red. It seems she chanced upon some very flirty texts between the two. The nature of the conversation made it clear that something was brewing between the two.

The other lady in question does not belong to Bollywood and is a part of the Page 3 or intelligentsia circuit. She is known to be quite a looker and quite a few guys have fallen flat over her. Well, there is something more than links the producer and this distinguished intelligent young lady. Both of them were in the news sometime back for common reasons. It is not just this film producer who went weak on his knees over her. Another prominent personality from her own field was also left moonstruck with disastrous results. Can you guess who is the film producer and this lady?

Our Guess

Film Producer: Madhu Mantena
Headstrong Wife: Masaba Gupta


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