Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Star Kid’s Relationship – 24th July

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about a star kid’s relationships. She broke up with her BF & now has a new admirer.

Her father is a superstar & the king of romance. While on their recent vacation abroad, she shed her demure image & posted some bold pics which quickly went viral. We wondered the reason behind her sudden change. We now know the answer. While her family seems perfect, there is more to it than what meets the eye. Her father is probably sulking over her ex-GF’s new boy toy. Her mother is known to be a cocaine addict. Her mother’s girl gang is known for their wild parties, which often have hot boys in attendance(click here to read more).

But the most scandalous piece of gossip we have heard is that, her younger brother is actually her nephew. Rumor has it that her elder brother impregnated a white woman while studying abroad. The lady decided to have the baby. That explains why the family had a new member all of a sudden!

Blind Item
If you think relationships don’t last in Bollywood because the limelight becomes the undoing, it may not be entirely true. That’s because these star kids have already busted that myth. This daughter of a big superstar was dating a guy from her friends circle for some time now. While they never tried to make it apparent, it was heard that even the families approve of this match. They were together for many years. In fact, she is friends with the guy’s sister as well and often hang out together. But then we heard the love story has ended and not on a great note.

According to rumour mills, the guy she was dating, cheated on her. Apparently, she caught him red-handed and that was it. She put an end to the affair right there. In fact, the families who were pretty accommodating of the guy when they were an item, started distancing themselves from each other. But the starkid has not let this affect her friendship with her ex’s sister. She has also found out a way to get over her ex. A lot of her pictures are going viral in the last few days which apparently is her way to move on.

But the recent goss is the starkid already has an admirer. This guy usually hangs out with this starkid and her group of friends. Apparently, he has a crush on her and the lady is in two minds whether to dive into another relationship so early or not.

Can you guess who these star kids are?

Our Guess
Star Kid: Suhana Khan
Boyfriend: Ahaan Pandey

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