Blind Item(Cineblitz) – Latest Victim – 3rd April

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Cineblitz has published a blind item about a director being the latest victim of a star’s attitude problem.

This star is one annoying person to be around or work with. His attitude has cost him a lot of work. He barely has any offers in hand & is just a few flops away from being out of circulation. We had earlier mentioned how he got his wife pregnant the second time around just to repair their relationship after being caught cheating with a hair stylist! His wife too thinks no end of herself. She shoots her mouth off at every chance & even has a say in the roles her husband chooses. While he has proven his acting capabilities, his attitude is what makes people hate him. Apart from one director, barely any other director has ever worked with him. It seems this director too was fed up of his tantrums while shooting for their previous film, which was a colossal flop.

This actor liked to project a casanova image. even if an actress agreed to have coffee with him once, he would call the media & inform them that were dating! Several actresses were pissed of with this behaviour of his.

Blind Item

We all know that stars come with their attitudes loaded on their sleeve. But this one seems to carry attitude as his middle name! While there’s no doubt that this star is a really good actor, yet he’s not reached the number one spot and the reason is largely his attitude. The latest victim of the star happens to be this new director. Although the filmmaker is a renowned name in regional cinema, he is making his Bollywood debut with the film starring this star. Having shot 70 percent of the film, the director is getting upset with each passing day as he’s handling all the starry tantrums which are only increasing in frequency.

The sources talk about this star making his director wait endlessly. But that’s not it. In trying to impress his hot co-star, he goes further on and tries to boss around the director by interfering when it comes to shooting as well. The star seems to always say contrary things that his director expresses. As a result, the shoots get delayed and there are creative differences that lead to a lot of friction. Since the director is a newbie, he ultimately ends up giving in and continuing the shoot.

This actor who only has this one big film in hand is in fact known to rub people off the wrong way. Not just the directors, he has also in fact upset some of his co-actors who did not take lightly to being corrected by him. But with this director, he can’t just see eye-to-eye. From umpteen retakes to changing dialogues and suggesting scene changes – these tantrums have really upset the director who now can’t wait for the film to get over. What’s more, he’s swearing off working with the star! Can you guess who?

Our Guess

Star: Shahid Kapoor
Actress: Kiara Advani
Director: Sandeep Vanga
Movie: Kabir Singh


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