Blind Item(DNA) – Badly Behaved Star Kid – 20th Aug

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DNA has published a blind item about a badly behaved star kid.

We had earlier posted a blind item about this star kid not being talented(click here to read more). Turns out she is badly behaved as well. Looks like she has not been brought up well by her parents. Sadly most actresses have a reputation for being badly behaved. This star kid too is no different. Karma can be a bitch. Thanks to her bad attitude, she has not been gifted with talent. It is unlikely that she will succeed in Bollywood, just like some other star kids.

Blind Item
While one has heard of newbies becoming high handed after a hit or two, this star kid who is not even one film old has got very poor manners. People who meet her at a salon she frequents, observed that she is quite badly behaved.”This is so unlike her father”say the other patrons of the place. Her father may not have been successful but has a reputation for always being pleasant.Sadly this good quality of his hasn’t rubbed off on his beti

Our Guess
Star Kid: Ananya Pandey

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