Blind Item(DNA) – Bribe The Heroine – 16th Oct

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DNA has published a blind item about a producer who has come up with a novel way to shut his heroine up – bribe the heroine!

#MeToo is the flavor of the season. Ever blind item that we have been reading off late is in & around the #MeToo movement(click here to read more). The producer mentioned in the blind item has an excellent track record at the box office. He was one of the suspects in the death of his first wife. His first wife died under mysterious circumstances by falling off a building.

He has since married another woman. A few blind items did hint at a big producer’s wife sleeping with young men. We wondered whether it his wife they were hinting at. The wife has had weight issues in the past & has worked hard to stay fit. She is often spotted with heavy makeup & tight fitting clothes. The producer himself was rumored to be hooking up with a heroine who stars in most of the films he produces. The heroine also has a thing going on with a megastar. The same megastar who has gifted her a 3cr+ house in Bandra. The weirdest part is that the producer recently sacked the director of his upcoming movie owing to him being named in the #MeToo scandal. That my friends is Bollywood for you. Nothing is what it seems!

Blind Item

A producer with pot loads of cash(despite demonetisation)got into a lather when he heard that more and more women were ready to spill the beans on him. One hears that when a petitie attractive heroine was actually summoning up the courage to reveal his exploits, he sent his trusted emissary over to reach a settlement

Our Guess

Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala


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