Blind Item(DNA) – Disappointed Producer – 16th July

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DNA has published a blind item about a producer who is disappointed by the box office performance of his movie starring a superstar.

This producer is disappointed at the performance of his latest movie starring the reigning superstar, but we feel he is getting greedy. He should be thanking the star whose mere presence helped him recover his money. The movie was one of the worst movies produced this year. Apart from the star it had nothing to boast of. He was the saving grace.

The producer didn’t negotiate well with the star either. He promised the superstar the moon. The superstar on his part added two actresses close to him to the cast(click here to read more). With his level of stardom & fan following it is a blunder on the director’s part that the movie did not turn out to be a huge hit.

Blind Item
Though this superstar’s latest release had a good opening weekend collection, and earned money at the box office, it was not a blockbuster – something which the producer had expected. The profits earned by the film are much lesser than the production cost. Moreover with the lead actor taking the lion’s share of the profits, the maker is left with very little. And despite the film not being as big a failure as one of the actor’s previous films the producer is definitely disappointed with the response. It is a different thing he is not talking about it lest he upset the superstar.

Our Guess
Superstar: Salman Khan
Latest Release: Race3
Producer: Ramesh Taurani

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