Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Bade Dilwala – 15th June

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Rajeev Masand ahs published a blind item about a bade dilwala star, who has pledged his support to a upcoming male star.

Say what you want about this bade dilwala star, but there can’t be a mentor than him. He will go to great lengths to ensure that his wards succeed. He has helped several male & female actors, musicians, directors, producers in his almost 3 decade old career(click here to read more). While other mentors will drop you like a hot potato the moment your box office standing plummets, this star will stand beside you through your thick & thin. That explains why industry folk stand by him during his numerous court cases.

Blind Item

This ‘bade dilwaala’ star has once again come to the rescue of this up-and-coming young actor whom he launched in a remake of a popular 80s hit. The failure of that film, and a serious legal case that the actor is involved in, pretty much put the brakes on his career, but his mentor has now bankrolled a new movie for the fella.

When his advisors recommended that he keep a safe distance from the kid who could be in serious trouble on account of the court case, the star instead pledged to stand by him. Insiders are saying he’s offered the services of his own battery of lawyers to the actor and his parents, and he’s making calls to pull strings wherever he can.

The mentor hasn’t been able to coax a reluctant film fraternity to cast the boy in new projects, but he’s offered to star in a film with him if that’s the only way he’ll get any outside work.

Our Guess
Bade Dilwala: Salman Khan
Young Actor: Sooraj Panscholi

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