Blind Item(DNA) – Grief Was A Sham – 10th Oct

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DNA has published a blind item about the grief of actor over his divorce being a sham!

There were rumors of him cheating on his wife with a superstar’s wife. The superstar’s wife divorced her husband. He too divorced his wife a few months back. People thought the superstar’s ex-wife was the reason. Turns out he had been hooking up with a brazilian model(click here to read more).

He has also been hooking up with the young daughter of the filmmaker’s latest movie he starred in. The actor’s daughter has been distraught over her daddy’s philandering.

Blind Item

A B-Town man who announced his separation from his wife owing to “irreconcilable differences” isn’t mourning say insiders. Though his social media post had people tutting in sympathy & chorusing “How sad, yet another marriage ends!. it seems the grief they showed to the world was a sham. Frankly, they had us all fooled with their love story going off the rails. But one of the man’s closest friends told us that even the day he announced that all was not well in paradise, the filmi was making merry with another girl. How quickly he bounced back is so admirable!

Our Guess
B-Town Man: Arjun Rampal


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