Blind Item(DNA) – The Marriage Dilemma – 9th May

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DNA has published a blind item about an actress who is in a dilemma – whether to choose movies or marry her actor BF.

This action star recently starred in an action blockbuster with his GF. His GF is known mainly thanks to her affair with him. She was barely discussed before she started dating him. He is a very sweet, well mannered guy who is handling his success well. But he has has a troubled personal life, thanks to his parents(click here to read about his parents). Maybe that is the reason he wants his GF to stay away from the big bad world of showbiz.

But his GF, who has recently tasted success, is unlikely to get hitched soon & rightly so. No man ever gave up his career for his woman, so why should she? Besides all married female actors are continuing to act post getting married & even having kids!You need to start trusting your woman dude!

Blind Item
This actor in question just had a recent super hit movie with his ladylove. Given the reaction to the pair, many flocked to pair them together in future films but it does not look like it is happening soon.

The reason is that the actor does want his girlfriend to continue acting as he plans to marry. He would much rather she quit now instead of quitting after marriages.

However, the actress is in no rush to get hitched. A major part of her decision could lie in the fact that she has bagged a big-budget film in the South which is heavily focused on her character.

Can you guess who the Bollywood couple in question is?

Our Guess
Actor: Tiger Shroff
Ladylove: Disha Patani

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  • May 10, 2018 at 12:21 am

    The ‘click here’ link is redirecting to t the wrong story, about Hrithil and Katrina. Please correct.

    • May 10, 2018 at 3:33 pm

      thanks for pointing it out! we have corrected the link. Please have a look


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