Blind Item(Mid-Day) – Shaken By Failure – 24th Dec

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Mid-day has published two blind items. While the first one was about a producer-director, the second one is about a studio boss who is shaken by the debacle of his last film.

When you work with a superstar known for churning out the biggest box office hits year after year, you got to rely on his instincts. So when the superstar tells you that the movie is not shaping up well, you better take him seriously or else god save you. The studio boss brushed off the superstar when he said the movies is not shaping up well & is now paying the price. The losses must be huge considering the star cast of the movie. Luckily for his protegee’, whom some insinuate that he is “very close” to she got axed from the cast of this project in favor of the superstar’s protegee'(click here to read more). A movie of this magnitude flopping can have disastrous consequences on a heroine’s career.

Last heard, the superstar will be playing god in a mythological drama which has a budget of over 1000 crores. We wonder which part will be gifted to the superstar’s protegee. His other protegee’ with whom he has a strictly professional relationship is doing very well for herself. She recently starred in a hit movie revolving around the hero’s middle aged mom getting pregnant. She has made it on the basis of her sheer talent, unlike her co-debutante friend. Bravo!

Blind Item

The recent debacle of his films has shaken up this top-notch producer. Several heads have rolled in his production house. His equation with stars has also changed as films on the floor are being scrutinised. The producer has made it clear that he will be calling the shots on every project. Even his actor wife’s next is said to be ghost directed by him after which he will start his directorial venture.

Our Guess

Producer: Aditya Chopra
Actor Wife: Rani Mukherjee


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