Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Army Man Biopic – 12th April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an army man’s biopic, which needs financial help.
We have posted several blind items about this director-actor couple(click here to read). The bollywood biggie BF is facing a financial crunch himself. He is unable to produce his movies & has been co-producing his movies with other studios. Despite his movies raking millions at the box office, his extravagant lifestyle has ensured that he barely has any money in his bank account. He had admitted to being a spend thrift in his autobiography. He ain’t broke, but the money he has doesn’t befit someone of his stature.
The bollywood biggie’s BF too is going through a rough patch. His movies have been flopping & his mentor-BF is unable to help him out by casting him in multiple projects. At this rate he will be out of circulation in a few years time.

Blind Item
LADY Luck hasn’t been shining on this handsome, talented actor, and we hear he has resorted to desperate measures to stay in the news. The actor has been signed on for a biopic of an army man, but the film needs a little financial muscle. So he has gone back to the producer he made his glamorous debut with, hoping to have the filmmaker come on board as a co-producer (and market the film unlike no one else can). But the producer seems shy to join hands with him. We wonder why, since everyone deserves a third chance.

Our Guess
Talented Actor: Siddharth Malhotra
Filmmaker: Karan Johar

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