Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Beautiful Star – 17th July

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a beautiful star who people thought was single. But turns out she is dating the son of a veteran actor.

Her husband was definitely one of the most envied men on the planet, when they were married. But as luck would have it, she cheated on him with his sister’s BF. The sister has since married another wannabe actor. Who is being launched by her eldest brother – the reigning superstar of the country(click here to read more). He was mentoring his bhabhi’s paramour as well. Her paramour is now an actor with severe weight issues.

Many men are happy that she is very much in the market. Not that her being married ever stopped men from lusting for her. There was this director who is known for making long period films, who admitted that of all the women present at the party he would like to bed this beautiful star while playing a game of truth or dare. Her fan following can give many actresses a run for their money!

Blind Item
WE’VE been monitoring this beautiful star for the past couple of years, in which time she became single, and has had secret love affairs with a business magnate and an upcoming actor. But we hear she has been seeing no one for the past many months, and that caused us to wonder how such a knock-out could be single for so long. Word is that the oomphy lady has gotten herself another secret paramour, the son of a veteran actor. The two have been spending much time together at his or hers. Will we see them together soon? Not a chance.

Our Guess
Beautiful Star: Malaika Arora Khan
Upcoming Actor: Arjun Kapoor
Veteran Actor’s Son: ?

Any guesses on who is the veteran actor’s son mentioned in the blind item?

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