Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Big Brother – 31st Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the big brother of bollywood, who is bullying his once favorite filmmaker.

The original directors of the movie in question asked big brother to lose weight. They told him in clear terms that he has to lose weight to be a part of the next installment of the hit franchise. This did not go down well with big brother of bollywood, who promptly got the director duo replaced. The one to replace them is a choreographer turned director, who is known more for his hit dance based movie franchise. We wondered the logic behind the move considering the director’s previous superhero move had flopped miserably. Dance is his forte & he was yet to prove his mettle in thrillers or dramas. The original director duo on the other hand are the gold standard of making thrillers in bollywood.

As expected the movie under performed. It recovered money for the producers solely because of big brother’s box office clout. Big brother was at fault for not losing weight & sacking the original directors. But he knows the pulse of the audiences & is aware of what will work, what won’t. So the filmmaker should have trusted big brother’s instincts. His biggest mistake was blaming big brother for the failure(click here to read more). Big brother heard about it & was fuming. Big mistake! The choreographer-director is now out of favor with big brother & we doubt he will be back in his good books anytime soon.

Blind Item

ALL is not well with Bollywood’s big brother and his one-time favourite filmmaker (he has a few of those, doesn’t he?). The duo’s last film was a massive flop, and it triggered a blame game between them. The two are barely speaking now. The actor refused to appear on the filmmaker’s show and isn’t even answering his phone calls. He has also asked his gang of girls not to work with the filmmaker, and one of them famously pulled out citing date issues. Such a bully, no?

Our Guess

Big Brother: Salman Khan
Filmmaker: Remo Dsouza
Show: Dance Plus


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