Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Big Guns Strategy – 25th Oct

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the convoluted strategy of big buns from the talent management community to bring others down to save themselves.

How much time will it take for two crabs to get out of a bottle with the lid kept open? Answer is they will never get out. It is because the moment one crab tries to get out the other will try to pull it down. This behavior is known as crab mentality. This talent agency head was a known pervert(click here to read more). He is rumored to have roughed up by the BF of the reigning bollywood queen owing to his nasty messages. Thankfully several women found the courage to out him.
The other biggie who has been named was a powerful man working for a big brand.

But everything happens for good. We do hope that other culprits too are outed due to their actions. Of course, it is possible that some innocent ones will be framed to make these two look not so horrible. Let’s see what happens next!

Blind Item

WORD on the Bollywood talent agency beat is that since the two really big guns have been called out in the #MeToo storm, they have decided to dig out dirt on the competition too. Their convoluted strategy is that when their galaxy of stars begins to consider an exodus, they would point out that the other options aren’t that clean either. Let’s expect a fresh volley of names to be outed.

Our Guess

Big Guns: Anirban Blah(KWAN) & Ashish Patil(YRF)


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