Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Pervert Talent Manager- 17th Oct

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about the founder of a talent management firm who is accused of having molested several women.

Mumbai Mirror has published another #MeToo story(click here to read more). This time it is about the founder of a talent management firm. This is stale news considering the founder has been outed. It is sad how he was once the toast of the talent management community & is now a pariah. He has been asked to quit the firm founded by him. He used to brag about how he was the reason behind the success of the current reigning queen of Bollywood. His used tall promises to bed aspiring female actors. Aren’t we all happy this pervert has been shown his place?

While everyone worth their salt is milking the scandal, we do hope it leads to stricter laws being put in place. People should think twice before sexually harassing somebody. They should never be able to tell themselves that they will get away. However powerful they might be!

Blind Item

TWO women got in touch with your diarist recently to deliver some disturbing news. They say they worked for a leading talent management and merchandising firm, and that the company’s founder molested them at their plush Bandra office. Now, this is the same office space, which has hosted parties attended by the A-list of Bollywood. And the founder continues to manage a talented actor and a sultry leading lady, among others. More names come tumbling out from the country’s #MeToo revolution.

Our Guess

Founder: Anirban Blah


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