Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-Bitchy Ex – 27th Nov

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The actress mentioned in this blind item by Mumbai Mirror has a weird personal life. She dated an actor, who was taken when she debuted in Bollywood. He introduced her to his director friend, who suffers from severe verbal diarrhoea & they started dating. He is now a bitchy ex. She dumped him post a few of him films flopping & started dating his married producer friend! She has been landing plum projects thanks to her dalliance with his big shot producer, who was accused of murdering his wife two decades back!

Blind Item
IT’S hard to believe these two were lovers, that it lasted long-term is something else that boggles the mind even more. While madam has risen to heights of stardom and blockbusters, mister is still looking for some validation in the industry, despite being around for years. Now we hear he is trying to meddle with her work. The lady is being signed on for a hit film franchise with a leading superstar. The not-socharming gent has gone over to the superstar’s and bitched out this pretty yogini, trying to dissuade the mega-actor from signing her on. Tch tch, whatever happened to simply getting a revenge bod?

Our Guess
Lovers: Jacqueline & Sajid Khan
Megastar: Salman Khan