Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Character’s Death – 6th August

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a star who is upset over her character’s death in her upcoming movie

She recently starred in a huge hit alongside her BF. Her social media accounts boast of huge fan following. There were rumors of a superstar asking her out, but we doubt whether it is true(click here to read more). Life couldn’t have been better for this hottie.But it seems her BF’s mother is not very fond of her.

Her BF who is going through a purple patch in his career, wants to get married at the earliest. But she wants to wait, especially with her career taking off so well.

Blind Item
THIS beautiful young actor has bagged one of the most talked-about films of the year. She should be celebrating, but it seems that she still has a few creases to iron out with the director. It seems her character dies at the end of the film, and this is the third film in a row in which her character dies. So, she doesn’t seem to be too happy with the denouement. However, her pals are telling her to take it easy. Every film that she dies in becomes a blockbuster, so perhaps she should take this as a good omen.

Our Guess
Beautiful Actor : Disha Patani
Film: Bharat

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