Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Dating Etiquette – 14th Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a cricketer who needs to be given a lesson on dating etiquette.

The cricketer mentioned in the blind item may be anybody. After all if we had a penny for every time a cricketer hooked up with an actress we would be millionaires! But we think the cricketer this blind item is speaking about is the tall cricketer who has been in the news for comments on a celebrity chat show. What is interesting is the number of blind items, which speak about his liason with this actress, who is supposed to have caught him cheating with another hot actress(click here to read more). Looks like this scorned woman is going around town giving details about their relationship. Not only does that hurt he ex-beau, it also keeps her in the news!

The cricketer needs to be “taught” how to treat women. Capturing intimate moments slyly & showing it to friends is so not done. Cricketer may be a gentleman’s game, but this cricketer is definitely no gentleman.

Blind Item

CRICKETERS sure need help in dating etiquette. Word has come in that a fiery young player recently had an affair with a budding female actor. It seems he filmed some of their private moments together. Post their break-up, he has been showing off the video clip to his teammates. When the young lady got to know about this, she showed up at his house at 3am and threatened him with a police complaint if he didn’t delete the video. Smart girl.

Our Guess

Young Player: Hardik Pandya
Actor: Elli Avram


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