Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Interfering Wife – 20th April

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Rajeev Masand has posted a blind item about a star’s interfering wife.
As we have mentioned in one of our articles earlier, Rajeev Masand a lot of blind items about this star & his family (click here to read the last one). Frankly speaking this star doesn’t deserve the attention Rajeev Masand showers on him. He is no where in the reckoning for the top 5 stars. People who consider him to be in the running for the top slot will be the laughing stock of the town.

His wife too is just like him. She has no credentials to boast of, but roams around as if all the attention she gets is due to her own merit. Had she not been his wife, no one would bother to give her a second look.
The way she carried herself on a chat show & her statement about raising their child being a full time job annoyed a lot of working women.

Blind Item
Industry big shots are not pleased that this actor’s wife is taking a ‘very keen’ interest in his work. It began with her weighing in on his costumes, but now they’re saying she reads every script he’s offered, makes it a point to sit in with him on meetings with writers and filmmakers, and offers detailed feedback on the material that’s sent to him.

Why is that a bad thing, you ask? Well it isn’t. It’s just that industrywaalas tend to complain about anything that could threaten the status quo. “Who needs to deal with another unqualified family member poking her nose where it doesn’t belong?”asks a young director snarkily, referring to the frustration among producers and directors who must deal with an assortment of partners, parents and siblings of film stars.

The actor’s wife in question is an ‘outsider’ (someone who doesn’t come from a film background), but seems to have strong opinions on scripts and roles, and it’s ruffling feathers. The rumour is that a senior writer-director huffed out of the actor’s apartment recently after the missus gave him ‘suggestions’ on how he could improve his script. “Most professionals wouldn’t be opposed to receiving genuine feedback that could make the material better. But anyone that’s speaking on behalf of a star tends to offer ‘tips’ that are solely intended to beef up the star’s role or make him look better. It’s purely selfish, vanity- related advice. And you can’t blame filmmakers for rejecting it,” the source says.

Ironically, the actor himself had a reputation for ‘interfering’ in decisions that didn’t concern him. Now Bollywood says he’s making his wife do the dirty work.

Our Guess
Actor: Shahid Kapoor
Actor’s Wife: Mira Rajput

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