Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Me-Too – 7th June

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about an actress who refuses to be a part of the Me-Too bandwagon.

Stories of actresses sleeping with filmmakers for plum roles in movies have been doing the rounds since Bollywood’s inception. Unlike actors in Hollywood, Bollywood is yet to out celebrities who indulge in the practice of the casting couch. There are rumors that several top outspoken actors have had to go through the casting couch to make a mark in the industry.

The director mentioned in the blind item is on a comeback trail. After pissing off a superstar & a big film producer, he has mended fences with them. A few years back, he was under the delusion that all his movies were succeeding only thanks to him. He even went on to tell people that the superstar’s only hits are with him. The moment the superstar heard about this he refused to work with him anymore & even his actor GF dumped him. She is now the film producer’s GF!(click here to read more).

There were rumors that the director in question is bisexual. He was rumored to have a thing going on with an actor from a political family. While the director is single, the actor is married with a kid. But we are happy that he will be signing on the young actor in question. She did look hot in her hindi film debut. We certainly would like to see more of her.

Blind Item

WE don’t think we will ever tire of stories of directors pawing their heroines after promising them a role. The latest ones ‘not’ joining the me-too bandwagon are this comedy filmmaker and an up and coming female actor who made her debut in a horror film. We hear the director is rather smitten with this sexy young girl and wants to cast her in his next film. But the producers say they haven’t even heard of her. Last we checked, the director was just picking her up for their nth coffee-tea-and-me date.

Our Guess
Director: Sajid Khan
Female Actor: Ritabhari Chakroborty

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