Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Mega-Budget Film – 26th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about casting issues of a mega-budget film starring a superstar & a petite young actress

When the cast of the movie was announced, the whole world must have thought about how the young actress’ BF must have felt. While he has no qualms about checking other women out & cheating on his GF, he hates it when other men get close to his girl. He fought with an ex-GF when news of her hooking up with a greek god superstar reached his ears. He was uncomfortable with his current GF’s closeness to a co-star as well. But again he didn’t think twice before stealing the superstar’s GF!

But that is every selfish, eccentric lover for you. They will sleep around, but will throw tantrums if someone as much as looks at you. These are toxic people & one should stay away from them. While “having fun” is okay, enter into a relationship with them at your own risk. The reigning box office king & the young superstar, both fall into the same category. The reigning superstar literally maintains a harem of beautiful women, but hates it if his GF’s dump him. Mark our words, someday the young superstar too will see his women dumping him for other men.

Meanwhile, we wonder who will win the box office clash of two big movies releasing on Eid. The reigning superstar’s biggest hits have had an Eid release & he won’t be too pleased seeing another movie release on the same day!

Blind Item

WHEN this pretty and petite leading lady was announced as the heroine of a mega-budget film, co-starring a major superstar, we wondered how it would go down with her possessive boyfriend. Soon enough, we heard that he was approached for a cameo in the film, something he had agreed to only for her sake (and also the filmmaker, known to be an artistic maven). But even before the announcement could be made, the boyfriend’s cameo was dropped. We hear the film’s superstar actor doesn’t like his face too much.

Our Guess

Movie: Inshallah
Filmmaker: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Leading Lady: Alia Bhatt
BF: Ranbir Kapoor


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