Blind Item(BollywoodLife) – Hot Actress – 25th March

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BollywoodLife has published a blind item about a young superstar constantly checking out a hot actress at an awards function despite his GF being seated next to him.

Looks like the news pertaining to this young hearthrob’s casanova ways are back in vogue. There are several articles which speak about his lack of interest in his GF & him hooking him up with other women But then there was no hint of tension between the two despite several blind items hinting at it. We even read a news item which spoke about them buying a flat together in NY. A lot of news reports have been claiming that they will get married in 2020. But we highly doubt it, considering the actress has a long way to go & the casanova still isn’t done having his share of fun.

Like we have said before, we doubt whether this relationship is genuine. How is so much private information getting leaked to the press?

Blind Item

Well, this young superstar is basking in all the appreciation, he is getting for delivering a knockout performance in a film that raked in moolah last year. His personal life is also making headlines due to his lovey-dovey relationship with a top actress. The two were together for a recent awards show but it seems he was least interested in his lady love. An eyewitness informs us that he had eyes for a hot actress who was sitting close by. This actress has just delivered a super-hit film with a young actor, who is a newsmaker as well. It seems the actress twice caught him checking her out and looked at the other side.

This was not all. The eyewitness tells us that he was least interested in his lady love for the greater part of the evening. She greeted him when she walked in but he did not respond. He was rather lacklustre throughout the night only to pep up at the end. Fans of the actress are complaining that he does not seem to love her as much as she loves him and we wonder how they’ll react to this. Can you guess who is the actor, actress and the hot eye-candy for the stud?

Our Guess

Young Superstar: Ranbir Kapoor
Hot Actress: Kriti Sannon
Young Actor: Kartik Aaryan


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