Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – New Publicist – 5th Sept

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who is looking to hire a new publicist, post sacking his existing one.

He has barely made the news despite being in the industry for several years. Post a huge hit several years back, his career has been going through a rough patch. His GF & co-star from that hit movie, is now dating a photographer(click here to read more). But that was before she was two timing our hero with an older man – a actor-producer-director-singer. She dumped the older star on the advice of her astrologer. His ex-GF is not as innocent as she looks. Our hero too is now dating a model.

We do hope his upcoming movie is a hit & resurrects his career. We found him to be dull on his episode of a popular chat show. He made an appearance with an actor with whom he hooked up with while shooting for their movie together. Maybe he did that to get back at his then cheating GF. Sources claim he is that dull because of his cocaine habit. Be it pappu or our hero, they have gotten their brains fried thanks to them going overboard with their drug habit.

Blind Item
HE’S only days away from making an important announcement, but this actor just isn’t getting his act together. We hear he has planned to make an announcement about his upcoming film in the next few days, but he has also recently sacked his publicist. The entire production team wants to know how he will manage to rope in a new publicist and get the job done. The word is the actor wasn’t too happy with his public image, and needed an instant upgrade. Oh well, perhaps this one time he should have let his work do the talking.

Our Guess:
Actor: Aditya Roy Kapoor
Movie: Sadak2