Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Pay Cut – 4th April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a yesteryear superstar who has taken a pay cut to get more work in the movies.
This is the second blind item based on this star taking a pay cut. Had he been more prudent in selecting projects & not treat his career like social work, he would have been better off. The current numero uno modelled himself on this yesteryear superstar. He grew his hair like him, built a physique like him & even was overtly generous like him. After all he was the reigning star back then & the current numero uno was just a newbie. But luckily for the current reigning superstar he realized his follies in the nick of time. He now works on projects which befit his time & stature. No goodwill gestures are to be expected from him anymore. We wish the yesteryear superstar mentioned in the blind item too would have realized this earlier on. He wouldn’t have had to take a pay cut then.
It didn’t help that he was mirred in a court case which dragged for two decades!His wife has been his rock of gibraltar. She has managed him well & reformed him. We think he should stick to character roles like another veteran septuagenarian megastar considered by many to be the greatest actor of Bollywood.

Blind Item
A well-known movie star isn’t having a great time. Not only has his age caught up with him, his own personal crisis has also cost him his best years. He is now back in action and making sincere attempts at making films, but there seem to be few takers. All the meetings he has had ever since he came out of his exile have been in vain, thanks to his high salary. But now, the actor has given himself a pay cut, and is ready for round two of talks.

Our Guess
Movie Star: Sanjay Dutt

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