Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Sequel Cameo – 12th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a young actress who is about to make a cameo in her movie’s sequel, while her co-stars are not so keen.

While all three of them started off together, all three are in different spots as far as their box office clout is concerned. While the female star has never seen a bad day, one of the male stars is going through a rough patch. The other male co-star is facing the heat from other male stars who raced ahead. His movies never flop, but his movies aren’t huge hits either. Their mentor linked the female star up with both the male stars. One linkup was just to cover up his own affair with one of his mentees. While the other fake linkup was to promote his movies starring them. He is now planting fake stories of his mentee dating a young heartthrob. Last heard they were planning to buy a house in New York together(click here to read more).

The action hero, who is starring in the sequel is doing well. But it would be a stretch to call him the most successful among the three stars mentioned in the blind item. He has tasted success in the action genre but no success in any other genre. All his hit movies have been produced by a certain hit producer. While he portrays a goody goody kinda guy, he is quite a jerk when the cameras aren’t around.

Blind Item

SO while we already announced that this sparkling young protégée has a cameo in her film’s sequel, it seems her partners are kicking up a bit of a fuss. The two young men, also part of the first instalment, suddenly don’t want to make time for each other and show up for the shoot. Also, it doesn’t help that the sequel’s star is the most successful one of all of them, and, well, nobody thinks he needs a leg up.

Our Guess

Young Protegee: Alia Bhatt
Young Men: Varun Dhawan & Siddharth Malhotra
Sequel’s Star: Tiger Shroff


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