Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Sexual Predator Superstar – 20th Nov

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a leading website’s efforts to out a sexual predator superstar in the #MeToo movement.

For all those who were complaining that no biggie was affected by the #MeToo storm, there seems to be some good news. Mumbai Mirror has probably published its most explosive blind item. While only one name crops to our head when someone speaks of a doting husband & family man, a rethink led to two names cropping up. While one is notorious for his womanizing before & after his marriage, the other keeps a low profile(he does background dancers, AD’s more as compared to his heroines). Both are married to actresses, who turn a blind eye to their husband’s philandering. After all they are used to a certain lifestyle & don;t want to let go of it. Both the superstars entered Bollywood in the 90’s & have been in the A-list since then. But if the blind items by Rajeev Masand are anything to go by, the more notorious womanizer among the two is the one who is going to be outed soon(click here to read more).

The superstar must be busy paying off his victims & making them sign non disclosure agreements or gag orders as they are popularly called. So by the time this website outs him, it will probably be that one or two fiesty women who will come out to shame him. But we wonder what will happen to the millions that have been spent on projects starring him. Several jobs will be lost in the process. But that is a price we have to pay for a better future.

But we won’t be shocked if this is just a publicity stunt. The superstar must have planted these blind items himself, to promote his upcoming film where he plays the antagonist. By the time the movie releases, people will have spoken about this & discussed him umpteen times only to realize that the website in question does nothing. Eventually the movie gets a bumper opening thanks to the publicity!

Blind Item

LIKE everyone and their aunt, we, too, are waiting for more MeToo stories to come out of Bollywood. We all know of several unscrupulous leading men who have used their success to exploit vulnerable young women trying to make it in the business. The names are all well known, and the time to call them out is now. Except, this is turning out to be a tall ask, and indeed a very expensive one. We know that one leading website is investigating a well-known sexual predator superstar. The word on him is that he has bedded every female star he has worked with, and then some, despite his public image of a doting husband and family man. The actor has got wind of the website’s story and is doing everything in his power to stall its research. It is said that he has spent the last month spending multiple crores of gag money, ensuring that all their leads go nowhere. But the news portal seems determined. And we can hardly wait.

Our Guess

Sexual Predator Superstar: Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgan


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