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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Sibling Revelry – 1st March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an older established actress trying to include her sibling in a commercial for a beauty product.

While there are several actress siblings in bollywood, we think the blind item is about the “fairest” sibling pair. It was very mean of the younger sibling to put down a young actor by labeling him as “massy”. She shrewdly labeled her step daughter as “classy”. While it may be true that the young actor whose star is rising may lack class, there was no need for the actress to pass those condescending remarks on national television.

The actress siblings were recently seen in a soap commercial with a superstar. The elder sibling literally gave up on her career post getting married. Sadly her marriage did not last long. She is not getting any meaty roles post her divorce. She was one of the top stars of her generation & even was the numero uno heroine for a while. She really struggled to make it in Bollywood. The younger sibling on the other hand, had it easy thanks to her sister being an established actress. She has smartly been doing movies & item numbers with superstars to stay in circulation. Her marriage to a nawab too is rock steady. Her husband is going broke paying her sky high bills but he doesn’t seem to mind(click here to read more)

Blind Item

A beauty major is keen to up its profile. It is letting go of a young and rising star for an older actor, who is known for her beauty. The established heroine was only too happy to be signed on for an annual contract, but suggested the company sign on her sibling as well. But when the company realised that the two would end up costing a pretty packet, it dropped the deal as well as the diva sisters.

Our Guess

Siblings: Kareena Kapoor Khan & Karisma Kapoor
Young & Rising Star: Alia Bhatt?


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