Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Smart Cookie – 10th Sept

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who is turning out be one smart cookie. She has learnt the rules of the game rather quickly.

It is not being an outsider in Bollywood. You have to either date the powerful people or sleep your way to the top. Bollywood is replete with stories of talented actors who had to compromise. While this actor may not have had to compromise to land her debut project, she has to play games to keep getting projects.

One of her suitors is now dating his debut film co-star. His co-star is the daughter of a late Bollywood queen. People seem to have finally gotten bored of debating whether her father killed her mother! After all how can someone drown in a bath tub?(click here to read more)

Blind Item
THIS emerging starlet is a smart cookie. She is already in the good books of a renowned producer, but she has also found other ways to stay on everybody’s radar. Word is she got nice and cosy with three younger stars, and one of them is now actively pushing for her to be his co-star in an upcoming movie.

Our Guess:
Smart Cookie: Tara Sutaria
Producer: Karan Johar