Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Sultry Actor – 31st May

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a sultry actor who is quitting as a reality show judge.

She was launched by a director who was besotted with her. She was his muse. Their first film together garnered a lot of critical acclaim. Despite being married to a sportstar there were rumors that she was having an extra marital affair with her director. Some other sources claim that she just led him on & never slept with him. Their collaboration led to several movies together. But then her husband had had enough of those rumors & ended up divorcing her.

She was then seen in the company of the reigning superstar, who has a harem full of women whom he recommends to his friends. Goes without saying that his reco carries a lot of weight in Bollywood(click here to read more) We guess it thanks to his goodwill that she landed a movie & a stint as a reality show judge this year. Has she been humble, she could have made tons of money as a judge. But Alas!

Blind Item
THE trials and tribulations of this sultry actor never cease to amaze us. The lady was signed up as a judge for a talent show, but her airs and tantrums made the producers cut short her stint. As soon as she found out that she was being sacked, the lady issued a statement saying she was pulling out of the show for her film commitments. We hear the producers let her have her way, so long as she was out of their sets pronto. Ouch.

Our Guess
Sultry Actor: Chitrangadha Singh
Talent Show: Dance India Dance

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