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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Talented Newbie – 22nd March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a talented newbie actor who shone in his debut film & was getting a lot of offers.

The level of confidence he displayed in his debut film was commendable. He breathed life into his character & looked like a complete natural on screen. As expected many producers want to sign him on. We hope he makes it big like another supporting actor who is now a bonafide leading man, thanks to his solo hero film becoming a blockbuster. It’s good to see these outsiders making it big in Bollywood. Although the other actor we mentioned was connected to bollywood, through his dad, insinuating that he had it easy would be wrong. He struggled just like any other actor & made it big. He has been in the news for his breakup with his steady GF(click here to read more).

One shouldn’t blame the production house in question for trying to milk the actor’s success. After all the production house did take a chance & gave him a major role for a debut film. Filmmaking is a business & one needs tons of money to keep producing movies. The producers are doing nothing wrong in increasing their avenues to earn money. Talent management is turning out to be a lucrative source of revenue for producers & is here to stay.

Blind Item

THIS super-talented newbie, who has earned enviable reviews for his recent blockbuster (where he played second lead), was approached by several filmmakers after the movie’s release. Needless to say, his excitement knew no bounds. But soon, some of his offers started to fizzle out. He then learned that the production house that had launched him was telling all and sundry that his new producers would have to sign the house as co-producers.

Our Guess

Newbie: Siddhant Chaturvedi
Blockbuster: Gully Boy
Production House: Excel Entertainment


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