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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – The Breakup – 19th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a rising star whose breakup with his steady GF due to his proximity to a top actress is making the news.

This is the second blind item based on the much talked about breakup(click here to read more). We are a bit disappointed with this young rising star. we thought he was level headed & mature. But sadly he did the immature thing of cheating on his steady GF with his co-star. His co-star has been trying to shed her “simple” image. But she the going has been tough so far.

Questions are also being raised about the star’s closeness to a bollywood hottie. A reader asked us on our social media handle whether her ex-BF, the reigning bollywood king would be okay with it. We told him that since the bollywood king has found love in a foreign import, he is unlikely to lose sleep over this affair. All he stands to lose is one woman for his harem.

Blind Item

A recent breakup has sent Bollywood into a tizzy. Only a few weeks ago was this new hot star of the industry swearing love for his girlfriend that the news of her unfollowing his social media handle, and an obvious split, followed. But we hear the cause of their breakup is none other than his co-star of two upcoming films. Sheesh! And here were thought millennial boyfriends were the coolest ones.

Our Guess

Hot Star: Vicky Kaushal
GF: Harleen Sethi
Co-Star: Bhumi Pednekar


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